Thursday, March 29, 2007

This May Sound Stupid, But...........!

Sorry for the cheesy headline tease, but I had something in mind when I started today's entry. As I was gathering my thought(s), I recall saying to myself, "Self, this might sound stupid, but have you ever started a sentence with 'This might sound stupid' ". Yes, I just did. It sounds a little Andy Rooneyish, but I like it. Besides, Rooney already has "Have you ever wondered".

This may sound stupid but every time I decide to make an entry, Shithead, my cat, decides it's the time to sit in my lap (he didn't like today's picture). When I gently remove him and put him on the floor, he jumps right back up. Then later, when I'm proofreading, he comes over to me and I try to get him to sit on my lap, but, oh nooo, the timing isn't right. Then he starts meowing, ad nauseum, to go onto the balcony. I stop typing and let him out on the balcony and...., you guessed it, he meow's to get back in. This may sound stupid, but I found the little bastard when he was a kitten when I heard him meowing from inside a dumpster where someone had dumped him. I should have known right then and there, he was related to my ex-mother-in-law!     

The Pictures: As you may be aware, there's certain people I think are assholes. Howard K. Stern, the jerk trying to steal Danielyn's future inheritance, Howard Stern, the radio personality (?) Rosie Fat Ass O'Donnell and Larry "da judge" Seidlin, to name a few. There are many more, too numerous to mention, but as long as they're quiet, I leave them alone. In today's trek into the Internet, I found the purrfect award, to be given weekly to the most qualified that week. Entitled "Catasstrophy", I'm going to retitle it the"Cat Ass Trophy". This prestigious award will be given weekly. 

This Date In History: 1867; The British North America Act establishes the Dominion of Canada, comprising the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. 1932; Comedian Jack Benny makes his radio debut. 1973; The last U.S. troops leave Vietnam. 1974; The Mariner 10 launched by NASA is the first spacecraft to visit Mercury and take close-up pictures of the planet.

Birthdays: John Tyler, President of the United States (1790), Eugene McCarthy, senator (1916), John Major, British Prime Minister (1943), Jennifer Capriati, tennis player (1976).

An aide to United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, testified today that Gonzales was not only aware of the plan to fire eight U.S. Attornies, he approved it. Former aide Kyle Sampson testified that the eight attornies were fired because they didn't support President Bush's goals (he has goals?).

The hits just keep on coming.

That's it for today. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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rdautumnsage said...

LOL!! I'm looking forward to seeing who is the first to recieve this prestigious award! As for Bush having Goals, I believe that would be to make sure this current war rivals that of the Vietnam War. Both Wars served nothing short of killing off our soldiers. Sigh....As for Bush, I wish they would get off their asses and impeach his.(Hugs) Indigo