Monday, March 26, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith's Death Ruled An Overdose !

Dr. Joshua Perper, Broward County Medical Examiner, today ruled that the death of Anna Nicole Smith was caused by a "combined drug intoxication", with cloral hydrate, a sleeping medication, as the major factor. Of nine prescription and non-prescription drugs found in her system, methadone was one of the contributing factors. Dr. Perper stated that there were no signs of foul play (?) and no complications from Ms. Smith's recent C-section. He further stated that it is impossible to know if she took some or all of the drugs without assistance.

Iran still holds 15 British sailors and is currently interrogating them inside the country. The current controversy is whether the British ship was inside Iraqi or Irani territory.

The Pictures: Coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith ongoing saga.

This Date In History: 1829; German Composer Ludwig van Beethoven dies in Vienna. 1885; The first commercial motion picture film is manufactured by Eastman Dry Plate and and Film Company. 1953; Dr. Jonas Salk announces that he has successfully tested a vaccine against polio.

Birthdays: Robert Frost, poet (1874), Tennessee Williams, playwright, (1911), William C. Westmoreland, U. S. Army general (1914), Diana Ross, singer (1944).

I talk to myself, not only that, I answer myself. You dominate the conversation! I do not, you're just slow witted. What? You heard me!

A young woman met a man at a nightclub and after a few drinks, they decided to go to his apartment for drinks. Upon entering the apartment, the man showed her around and she couldn't help but notice one of the walls in the bedroom had hundreds of teddy bears, neatly arranged with the largest bears on the top, the smaller bears in the middle and the cutest, tiniest bears on the bottom. Seeing that the man also had a softer side and after a few more drinks, the couple retired to the bedroom and made mad, passionate love.

Soon thereafter, the lady rested her head on the man's chest as thoughts of "could this be the one" raced through her mind. Breaking her normal tradition, the lady asked, "Well, how was it?"

"Very good!", the gentleman replied, "Help yourself to anything on the second shelf!"

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