Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Problems Are Spring Loaded !

Did you know that problems are spring loaded? You know, like the old Pez candy dispensers that our parents use to have (wink)? Remember, you...er, they took out a piece of candy and the spring at the bottom pushed the next one up? Well, I here to tell you that the adage is correct. Problems are spring loaded.

I spent the last six or seven days connecting my newer computer and by George, I dood it. So, I noticed the other day my printer didn't print and when I checked the ink cartridge, it needed to be replaced, which I did, today. So, now my computer won't print. I know, I know, I checked the connections, ran the trouble shooter, looked for paper jams, nada, zero point shit, zilch, el zero!

So here I sit, making a late entry and thinking yesterday went so well! I saw my friends, picked up a couple of items at the Al Qaeda Seven-Eleven....I even bought a $2 scratch-off and won six dollars. Life is good...was good, yesterday. Today, the damned Pez dispenser of life kicked up a new candy. Back to square one.

The Pictures: Just a little vizualization of my afternoon.

This Date In History: 1912; First Lady, Helen Taft, plants the first Japanese cherry trees in Washington, D.C. 1958; Nikita Kruschev becomes prime minister of the Soviet Union. 1973; Marlon Brando refuses his Oscar for "The Godfather" in protest of Hollywood's treatment of native Americans.

Birthdays: William Conrad Roentger, physicist (1845), Gloria Swanson, actress (1869), Cyrus Vance, U.S. Secretary of State (1917), Sarah Vaughn, singer (1924), Quentin Tarantino, film dirtector, screenwriter and actor (1963).

* Watch for and listen to a young lady named Joss Stone. She's an up and coming young singer and she is one of the hottest singers I've heard in a while. If I can find the video. I'll put it here later this evening. If not, look for her here in the next few days.

That's it for today, my little Pez dispensers. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !     


aniracj said...

Hello Jimmy, I have come via the other Jimmy's Journal, lol!!! Pez!! I loved them as a child but then in the 50's/60's here in the UK I was still in single figures til '64 so it was a weekly treat to the shop to get a new Pez dispenser....like a fool I never kept them and now they fetch mega money here for the rare ones!!! I see you have taken a liking to J. S, well she seems to be fading here as her last few gigs have not had very good reviews; we can't complain though cos we have a lovely young lady in our band who came 2nd to JS all those years ago on a certain BBC tv prgramme over here!! Have put you on alerts, pop by and see me sometime!

sarajanesmiles said...

I remember Pez, grin, they still make them you know, though I'm not sure they're still called that.  

Joss Stone... I like some of her music :o)

Sara   x

mariebm56 said...

HI Jimmy,
Nice to meet you, found you thru (Stupid) Jimmy..Ü
Love your witty writing, must be in the name....Ü

rdautumnsage said...

Gotta tell you hon, your the first to call me a little Pez dispenser LOL!! The truth of the matter it would work, I'm little 5'1 and I usually end up getting sprung on life.
Came from Stupid Jimmy's. No, we are not picking on the guy, he actually calls himself stupid. But like you he has a great humor and has no problem laughing at himself. As for the printer not working. Last time I put cartridges in mine, I ended up having to remove the printer from my computer and uploading the disc to program it again. It took me a mere 10 min. and problem was solved. I'll be back around hon, never know when I might spring up (winks) Indigo