Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ana Nicole Smith - The Saga Continues !

As the stomach turns....The Hits Just keep On Coming ! Attorney Debra Opri, who represents former Anna Nicole Smith boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, said she wants the DNA to determine if (asshole) Howard K. Stern is baby Danielynn's father. Opri asked Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider to order Stern to come to California and provide a DNA sample. Judge Schnider refused, but said he'd review the matter in two weeks after he considers the law more closely.

A Bahamian lawyer claims that six month old Danielynn's birth certificate is invalid because it was signed by the wrong party. It's possible that lawyers could ask for a new birth certificate to be drawn up and request a DNA test to show who the father is. In another press release it was learned that the famous journalist, Jimmy, has claimed to be the father of baby Danielynn. Who 'da man ? You 'da man ! Time for a Perfect Martini ! Are you paying attention Lourdes, Hector and Cristina?  

The Pictures:  Birkdale, Stern and new pictures of the ceremony on the boat in the Bahamas. Victor, are you coming tomorrow? Let me know. No, Victor's picture isn't in this part...just sending a message.

The penalty phase of convicted murderer John Couey began today. The defense is arguing that Couey is retarded and under Florida law, he cannot be put to death. If he's retarded, he won't know the difference anyway. Execute the bastard ! I'm available to pull the switch or give the injection. I'm qualified for both !

This Date In History: 1781; German-born English astronomer, William Herschel, discovers the planet Uranus. Years later, after scientific reports excepted it's status as a planet, descendants of Mr. Herschel told scientists to "stick it up Uranus". 1868;  The impeachment of President Andrew Johnson begins eventually making Johnson the first President ever to be impeached. 1961; Spanish painter Pablo Picasso (79) marries Jacqueline Roque (37). You 'da man, Pablo !

Regis Philbin, co-host of Live with Regis and Kelly is undergoing heart bypass surgery and is expected to be out for the next four to six weeks.

Birthdays: Abigail Powers Filmore, first lady and wife of President Millard Filmore (1798), Percival Lowell, astronomer (1855). 

This Just In: (awaiting entry) Why is this part always "awaiting entry"? Who's comedy are you going to plagarize, today ? Bite me ! CSR, I miss you, Rose O, where are you? Tania, when 'ya coming down to visit?, I already said hi, but here's to my perfect martini, Raul S., need any help in Margaritaville? Hi Brenda, Gullermo, Mario and Giovani, Rosehart, how are you feeling? Hi Jeannie, Hello FrankandMary, To all the girls I've loved before ! Carmencita..whazup? Rocio, I'm still trying to get by to see you..maybe Sunday. Martica, send me some email, muchacha. A special hello to all my special friends, even you, Lincoln. 

That's it for today, my little journalists. More tomorrow. 

Stay Tuned !  

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