Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday And Not A Moment Too Soon !

I finally got my newer computer up and running. Now, I'm in the process of moving files from the old one to this one. I realized today that I needed a short re-training period because I forgot how I customized things on the old one.

Attorney Debra Opri, who represented Larry Birkhead in the Anna Nicole Smith hearings, is no longer asociated with Birkhead. Why? I don't know.

The Pictures: 1)This is Nicole! We've been good friends for a long time and she stopped by Krystel's the other night with J.C. to see me. As you can plainly see, she's beautiful and she sings well too. 2) My pals, J.C. and Nicole. 3) This is Nikki's sister, Kathy. She's a sweetie pie too!

Hi Cristina, you too, Lourdes, Barby, are you ever going to come by? Hi Ester, Pepe, where in hell are you? My family on my mother's side came to the United States from Paris, France in 1683. My family on my father's side came from Ireland in the 1700's after my great, great, great, grandfather was kicked out of a bar in Dublin and put on a ship to America. I'm not African-American, I've never been to Africa. I'm not French-American, I've never been to France, I'm not Irish-American, I've never been to Ireland. I'm just American ! 

This Date In History: 1802;  West Point, site of the United States Military Academy, is founded by the Congress of the United States of America. 1850;  Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlett Letter" is published. 1971;  Simon and Garfunkel win the Grammy Award for Best Album for "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and a Grammy for Best Song.

Regis Philbin, co-star of the daily television show, "Live With Regis and Kelly", successfully underwent triple bypass surgery Wednesday.

The difference between "guts" and "balls": (Thanks, to a perfect martini)

Guts: When you come home late at night after a night out with "the boys" and find your wife at the door with a broom in her hand and ask, "Are you still cleaning or are you going somewhere?"

Balls: When you come home drunk with lipstick on your collar, wreaking of the smell of cheap perfume, smack your wife on the ass and say, "You're next. "

This should clarify both definitions. Medically speaking, there is  no difference in the outcome since both ultimately end in death.  

Birthdays: James Madison, 4th President of The United States (1751), Pat Nixon, first Lady and wife of President Richard M. Nixon (1912), Daniel Moynihan, United States Senator (1927)

After my second perfect martini: 

A turkey and a bull were having a chat. The turkey said, "I'd like to fly to the top of that tree, but I don't have the energy." The bull said, "Why don't you eat a few of my droppings? They're packed with nutrients." The turkey ate a few droppings and sure enough, he was able to fly to the bottom limb of the tree. Each day he ate a little more bull dung and after a few days, he got to the top of the tree.

A farmer spotted the turkey in the top of the tree and promptly shot him out of the tree.

Moral of the story: Bullshit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there!  

That's it for today. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned ! 

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