Thursday, March 1, 2007

Poltically Correct ? My Gang Can't Even Spell It !

Politically Correct? You gotta be kidding me. I'm not even sure if my ruffian buddies are genetically correct. I will tell you one thing, we solve the worlds problems every day at happy hour. These are some of my pals and I wouldn't trade anything for that.

Who invented politically correct? Whoever came up with that horseshit should have started with teaching the basics first, i.e. yes sir, no ma'am, please and thank you. The second lesson should have been how to conjugate verbs.  

The Pictures: I'm not going to give names, but if you're ever in the post office, you'll see profiles of some of them on the wanted list. You'll notice that there's no pictures of my lady friends, today. This because I like life and mixing the ladies' pictures with these delinquents would probably severely interfere with my status as still living!

This Date In History: 1803; Ohio enters the Union as the 17th state. 1872;  President Ulysses S. Grant signs the bill creating Yellowstone National Park, making it the first national park. 1961; President John F. Kennedy creates the peace corps. 

Birthdays: Frederic Chopin, Polish composer and pianist (1810), Glenn Miller, jazz musician and band leader (1904), Ron Howard, actor and director (1954), Dinah Shore, singer and TV performer (1924), David Niven, actor (1909).

The hits just keep on coming! The Secretary of Defense walked into President Bush's office and somberly advised him that Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq. The president lowered his head and put his face into his hands. As he recovered, he looked up and asked, "Just exactly how many is a brazillion?"

Thanks Vic !

That's it for today my roughnecks. Ya gotta love 'em. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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