Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Saint Patrick's Day !

Well, I'm on day 2 with my newer computer and while it is much faster than my old one, it feels weird. It's like when you get a new pair of shoes. The new ones look nicer, but they hurt you feet. Well, this computer is better, but it hurts my feet........What?

Anyway, that's what I'm doing today, especially re-downloading little programs. Shithead, my cat, has to sit in my lap while I type and he's already stepped on the keyboard twice and erased about three paragraphs.  

The Pictures: 1)Happy Saint Paddy's Day ! 2) My little sweetpie, Cristina and her parents, Hector and Lourdes.

This Date In History: 1743; James IV, King of Scotland (1488-1573). 1762; The first Saint Patrick's Day parade is held in New York City. 1862; The Kingdom of Italy is formally proclaimed. 1905; Anna Eleanor Roosevelt marries Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Here's a picture of some of the new paint schemes they're putting on some trucks in Germany. Now, that's a bottle of beer ! 


Birthdays: Bobby Jones, amateur golfer (1902), Gotlieb Daimler. German engineer and inventor (1834), Nat "King" Cole (1919).

If Today Is Your Birthday: You are Pisces, the water sign, You are sensitive and emotional. You are built so low to the ground that when you fart, you get sand in your shoes.

That's it for today, my little leprechans. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


talentmatterslv said...

Hello, Jimmy, and happy (belated) St. Patrick's day to you, too!

Glad you stopped by, and though my comment has nothing to do with THIS entry in your journal, I also like to keep my politics separate from religion.  However, I'm not sure it's possible for most people.  (Very long, debatable subject, and impossible to resolve one way or the other...)

Anyway, don't take my word for it, or be swayed by anything I say - investigate for yourself as to the beliefs of Mitt Romney.  Education and questioning are two major No-nos for him and his fellow cult members.  (You CAN take my word for THAT!)  The reason it's important to know what his religious beliefs are is because they are very bizarre, and he will make decisions based on them.  You will find that out when you do the "research."  But be warned - it's like taking a mushroom, psychadelic trip, I think...

I'm just glad I escaped!  HA!


frameninsurance said...

Hi Jimmy,  what a nice picture of my lovely daughter and hubby.  It has been so hectic at work that today, 3/28/07 is when I got a chance to look at the journal.