Saturday, March 10, 2007

Television Commercials And Infomercials - Crappola !

Why do they bombard us with this inane horse manure?

Infomercial:  "Buy my 'system' and become rich? The new and improved Acme writing system comes with a graphite point to put your ideas on paper and tool on the other end to delete your message, if desired. You get ten of these wonderful utensils for only ten dollars. But wait! Act now and we'll double the amount. That's right! Twenty utensils for ten dollars. Just call 1-800 Iamanasshole and we'll ship them out. Express delivery available." Uh....excuse me, they're just pencils.

Girls Gone Wild !  "These college coeds are crazy! See them together for the first time!" coeds? They might go past a college on their way to work at the strip club! First Time? too !

Buy Houses, Nothing Down !  "I bought 47 houses last week for $24.87". Uh.....If you had a gold mine, would you quietly mine the gold or sell maps to it's location?

Male Enhancement Drugs ! Are you kidding me? If that crap worked men would either rule the planet or become slaves. (Flash to "Planet Of The Apes"). 

The Pictures: Krystel's Restaurant and Nightclub was the place and ladies, music and scotch was the theme! 1) That's my sweetie Brenda with me last night. The cutest bartender you ever want to meet. 2) The scene of the crime 3) My pal, Guillermo 4) A puppy (has nothing to do with last night, but it's cute). 

This Date In History: 1862: The first paper money in the United States is issued. 1876;  Alexander Graham Bell transmits the first message by voice over wire using his newly patented telphone. His second call was placed to his wife's cell phone and he left a message on her voice mail. Oh, yeah !

Jeff Burton beat Kyle Busch on the last lap at the Nascar race in Las Vegas today. Burton came from behind after the last restart of the race and edged Busch at the line. Busch, who crashed during the final lap, came across the finish line in second place, Backwards and at 180 miles per hour. 

Birthdays: Shannon Miller, gymnast (1977). 

That's it for today my little puppies. More tomorrow. 

Stay Tuned !

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