Wednesday, March 7, 2007

John Couey Convicted In Murder Of Jessica Lundsford !

John Couey (48) was convicted at 4:08 p.m. today of burglary, kidnapping, rape and first degree murder of little Jessica Lundsford. The jury deliberated for a very short time in coming to the unanimous guilty verdict. Judge Richard Howard did not release the jurors from jury duty. They were instructed not to speak with anyone about the trial, especially the media. They will be brought back Tuesday for the penalty phase of the trial. If they need someone to pull the switch or give the lethal injection, I'm available and qualified for both!  

Prior to the afternoon jury verdict coming in, I was in the process of deciding what to enter today, when, Lo and behold, I read on the Internet that (drum roll, please), Rosie O'Fat Ass is suffering from depression. What a coincidence! Every time I see or hear her, I get depressed too. I wonder if it's contagious? Allegedly, she's been depressed and was taking medication for same since the Columbine, Colorado tragedy in 1999. 

O'Fat Ass aside, depression is a troubling subject and will be addressed Friday on "The View". The pre-recorded program will have Linda Dano as a guest. Dano has been suffering with depression since losing both her husband and her mother in a ten day period.

In a related story, former "View" co-host, Star Jones, has landed a job with Court TV. Jones (44), has not been seen with her new husband for a while and rumors of a break-up abound (Run Al, run!).

The Pictures: 1) Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters on "The View" 2) Rosie O'Fat Ass 3) Linda Dano.

This Date In History: 1876;  Alexander Graham Bell receives the patent forthe telephone. 1901; The Bluebonnet is adopted as the state flower of Texas. 2007; Jimmy realizes that not a lot of things of consequence happened on this date in history. He continues on, disguised in red print, to make this portion of the entry seem even larger than it actually is.

Birthdays: Maurice Ravel, French composer (1875). Thank you Monsieur Ravel for your "Bolero" and for Bo Derek's interpretation in the Movie "10". 

The Hits Just Keep On Coming ! Cryptic and Blatant Hellos. Hi Niki Legs, thanks for visiting me Friday, Rosa, are you still reading my journal?, Thanks Vic for your recent help! Jeannie, Jeanette and Kevin, Hi Frank and Mary, U2, Lourdes and Hector, Carmen whereub?, As always, My Perfect Martini, CSR - Miss U, Ester in NY, Raul S., E&M@Krystel's, Barbie , Rosehart, Alfonso, Cristina,

That's it for today my little court reporters. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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