Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yeah ! I Know It's Late !

Ok, Ok ! Last night was Karaoke night and sometimes even a blind squirrel can find an acorn. Consequently, I woke up at 1:00 p.m. (only because "Shithead" wouldn't stop meowing!) So, I way behind schedule. It's 4:52 p.m. and I'm still catching up. I've got to see someone at 6:00 and I' m waaaayyy behind.

So, bear with me (or bare with me, your call) and I'll get this up to snuff later this evening. In the interim, amuse yourselves and I promise, later tonight, I'll have some good chisme!

A tidbit; Rosie Fat Ass and Babwa Waa Waa are at it! I'm trying to download the clip and if I can, (I know it can be done, just don't know if I can do it). More later, if not the clip, the scoop!

Simon Asshole and The Happy Hour Girl are also at it. I just can't keep up with this garbage, but...................Ya gotta love it!

The Pictures: Ok, it's just me, but as it turns out, that's exactly what I wore last night at Krystel's Restaurant and Nightclub!

This Date In History: I have no idea, because I haven't updated that yet, but I need to write something in red to fill this space until I research it.

Birthdays: Somebody neat (1945),  Someone else (1953),  What's her name (19??) I don't know cause I just met her, but I'm guessing 35-40. I'll tell you later.

Question Of The Day: Can Jimmy finish this entry today? a) who cares? b) I'm sure he, who's Jimmy  c) Not a snowball's chance in hell ) d) The Green Bay Packers

The winner of today's question receives a non-expense paid with the author to help the poor bastard find various things he lost last night.

Post Script: Late entries, cryptic and blatant hellos, et cetera; I was going to re-edit today's entry, but I've decided to leave it as it stands. For one, I like to reflect back on my frame of mind at the time and secondly, to see if anyone notices. My new computer friend at Krystels, you're supposed to email me (you know who you are)! Rosa this one's for you. Hector, you'd better be reading this or I'm telling "L". Jorge L, where in the hell are you?

I was walking to the kitchen to refresh my Beverage and I heard a clicking sound. When I stopped, the clicking went away (it was my ankle). How's my perfect martini? Chilled, slightly stirred and waiting for my consumption. CSR, ya me abandonaste? Carmen, you'd better be a Krystel's tomorrow like you promised! Como?

They say you burn 200 calories during sex. Hell, I burn 200 calories trying to take the cap off the viagra! Como?

That's not it for today my little karaoke stars. More later. Actually, that's it (See P.S.)

Stay Tuned !

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