Monday, January 15, 2007

Hey ! Everyone's Off Today !

So, you lost you lost your bets on the games yesterday, Huh? Today your wife want's you to do some yard work and then Bar-B-Cue for the kids. Your wife's parents are also coming over? Whoa! We have to come up with a plan!

You have to learn to plan ahead. For example, in your case you shouldn't have bet the games. That aside, always check you calendar every week to see what's up. Then, you tell you mother-in-law that your parents are cooking and that they want her and her husband to join them. Then you tell your parents that your in-laws are cooking and that they want to invite your parents, too.

Then, tell your wife about your parents Bar-B-Cue and that she should invite her parents. Once the confusion is at it's highest, tell you wife that you had made reservations for her and you to get away for the weekend to the Bahamas. You tell her your friend has a getaway in the Bahamas and you're invited. Sooner or later your wife will calculate a way to cancel your in-laws party and politely tell your parents of your wonderful surprise for her. Your parents cancel the party.

The next day early in the morning, wake up your wife to ask her out to breakfast. Have your friend call later and explain that his plane caught fire in it's hanger and he can't go to the Bahamas. Enjoy your breakfast with your wife, take her home and take care of business! Have a nice day !

Well, the pro football games were interesting yesterday. Both games were close and mistakes on both sides determined the outcomes. The Chicago Bears beat the Seattle Seahawks 27-24. The New England Patriots beat the San Diego Chargers 24-21.

The Pictures: Looks like everyone's doing Bar-B-Que today. If you're working today, Stop by Shorty's Bar-B-Que and get some. Mention my name and they'll overcharge you.

This Date In History: 1559;  Elizabeth the First was crowned Queen of England.  1892;  The 13 rules of basketball are published by Doctor Jaimes Naismith.  1967;  The Green Bay Packers win the first Super Bowl with the MVP award going to quarterback Bart Starr.

Birthdays: Gene Krupa, drummer (1909),  Lloyd Bridges, actor (1913),  Robert Byrd, senator (1929),  Martin Luther King (1929).

Question Of The Day: The best thing on telvision Monday night was:  a) The Golden Globe Awards  b)  Monday Night Football  c)  Three Men and a girl  d) Three and a half men e) Watching the TV Guide scroll

The winner of the question of the day will receive a 23 CD set of Joan and Melissa Rivers constantly numbing red carpet interviews and a 38 revolver.

That's it for today my little Monday loafers. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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larryt39 said...

Hey Jimmy...a very nice looking blog of yours..I hear you on the counter problem..AOL has finally put it much easier to fix.  It is real aggravating to say the least, and aol doesn't seem to get a handle on this particular problem at this time anyway..infact, Joe the AOL guy, seldom's responds now to my inquiries on this issue. It sure would help if he would...anyway Jimmy go to and get the the 'file manager", to Browse My use to be much more complext, but of late aol has helped out quite a bit..go to Magic Smoke and archives of 9/20/05..I will answer you email right now..thanx again Jimmy for stopping by my blog..

Larry              January 15, 2007