Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mouth To Mouth ? or Do Not Resuscitate !

Well, What do you know?'s the Rosie and The Trumpster show, still!! This is not really round 5, it's an epilogue to yesterday's remarks. According to Page Six, an Internet associate of the New York Post, Barbara Walters entered Rosie Fat Ass's dressing room the other day prior to air time and attempted to hug her. Rosie would not touch her. Witnesses said she said "you didn't call me for ten days and you didn't call Trump a liar". Representatives of the show said that everything was fine between the pair. If I was O'Donnell, I'd lay low for a while because she's biting off more than she can chew (If that was physically possible).

The Pictures: I received some new pic's today from my sweet little Martini. I call this one "Arizona Sunset".  I call it that because it's a picture of the Arizona desert at sunset. Pretty clever, huh? It's a little phallic in nature and I immediately recognized my small part of the picture (pun intended).

This Date In History: 1776;  English writer Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense.  1917; William "Buffalo Bill" Cody dies at age 70. 1949;  RCA announces production of it's new 7 inch, 45 rpm record.  1960;  Marty Robbins establishes a new record for his #1 hit, "El Paso", at 5 minutes, 19 seconds. (I bought the record).

Things started slowly last night at Krystel's Nightclub. I guess everyone hasn't gotten used to the Karaoke show change from Wednesday nights to Tuesday Nights. It soon picked up though. Jocko came limping in and  I learned that he flipped his car three time on the Palmetto yesterday. We had some new performers and the night turned out well.

Birthdays: Ray Bolger (1904), Willie McCovey (1938), Sal Mineo (1939)

Question Of The Day: The President's Speech This Evening:  Will President Bush;  a) Send more troops and spend more money b) Maintain the troop level and not increase funding c)  say newkular at least ten times. d) Not wake up from his nap in time to give the speech at 9:00.

That's it for today, my little chipmonks.

Stay Tuned !

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