Thursday, January 4, 2007

Just Visiting !

Just checking out the neighbors, today. Kind of a slow, but interesting day. LSU rolled over Notre Dame tonight. It wasn't even close.

I'm watching Poker After Dark (Texas Hold-Em Poker) and one of the players is Phil Helmuth. If you ever want to see a world class idiot, watch this jerk play. His only competition is Mike Matisou. I love to watch when they both play so that when one jerk is eliminated, the other one gloats and proclaims his mastery of the game. It's even better when later in the game, Jerk #2 is eliminated. By the way, Helmuth was the first one eliminated after a 15 minute tirade.

The Pictures: My first dog was a puppy just like one of these guys.

This Date In History: 1885; The first successful  appendectomy is performed in Davenport, Iowa.  1896; Utah is admitted into the union as the 45th State. 

A father called his son and said, "I've had it! I'm divorcing your mother!" The son replied, "Dad, you can't". The father said, " I mean it, tell your sister!" and hung up. The son called his sister and told her the news. She said, " He can't do that! I'll take care of it, just meet me there!" The daughter called her father and said "Dad, don't do anything! My brother and I are on our way there!", and she hung up. The father hung up and said to his wife, " OK honey, it's set. They're both coming for Christmas and they're paying their own way!"

Birthdays: Don Shula (1930) Happy Birthday Don!, Floyd Patterson, former boxing heavyweight champion of the world (1935)

If you get bored, sit in your parked car with dark sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing motorists.

Question Of The Day: Brittany Spears is going to a Spa this week to:  a) rest and recooperate. b) detox, c) practice exiting from a limosine with her legs together.

Stay Tuned !


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