Thursday, January 18, 2007

Obama vs Clinton replaces Rosie vs The Trumpster ?

You really have to read this!  In a poll on AOL, The Daily Pulse asked the following (based on 300,000 polled).

a) In the Democratic race for President, Who would do better? Response: Obama 58% Clinton 42%

b) In the Presidential race, who would do better against a GOP nominee? Response: Obama 61% Clinton 39%

c) Would you like to see Obama run for President? Yes: 61% No: 39%

d) Would you like to see Clinton run for President? Yes: 44% No: 56%

Now, look at the sources! ,,,

Granted , it's an informal poll;  it represents  .001% of the population;  look at the sources, but...........

How can someone who has no experience be considered ahead of someone with tons of experience? It has nothing to do with sex or race, I dislike both equally. If I was a Democrat (right!), my money would be on former senator John Edwards , of North Carolina. It would be on him because of his qualifications,  period.

The nail in the Democratic coffin will be, and remember I said it here, Clinton and Obama as running mates! No? It's being talked about in the press as we (I) speak.

Don't think the GOP is getting off! John McCain is a front runner! The rest have too much baggage.

Let the mud slinging begin. (Whew!) *Author steps off soap box.

The Pictures: I am resisting adding more pictures for fun, but I am a weak person. We'll see if I change my mind around 12:01 pm tomorrow.

This Date In History: 1778: Captain James Cook discovers the "Sandwich Islands", which was later renamed the Hawaiian Islands. 1896; The X-Ray machine is first exhibited in New York City, the "X" in the name is used because of the initial.  It was unknown what type of ray it was. 1996; Michael Jackson's marriage to Lisa Marie Presley ends in divorce after two years. SURPRISE !

I just got wind of a story linking O.J. Simpson to a signed contract with a corporation that was behind his book deal. This item, if true, has major financial ramifications. I'll have more later.

Birthdays: Oliver Hardy, comedy partner, Laurel and Hardy,  (1892)  Danny Kaye, actor,dancer,comedian,singer  (1913)  Kevin Costner (1955)

Question Of The Day: (awaiting entry)

That's it for today my little doughnuts. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !



talentmatterslv said...

First, I'm VEYR pleased that you got everything working with the odometer!  And yes, I transposed the letters to "very" on purpose!  Another problem I often have is that the journal doesn't space words correctly and even though I put appropriate spaces in bewtween each word, I save the entry and find words all crammed together, SANS spaces.  Oh, and I've already mentioned my displeasure about the meager "emotions" offerings!  I tried to change that in the file manager but wasn't able to.  POO!

As for your being a "fridge" entertainer (would that also mean that you're "frigid?"  HA!), we all have to start somewhere, right?!  LOL!  Showers, fridges, cars (when you open a door and the light comes on, and etc...)  

By the way, you can call him "Enge" - we ALL do...  (Pronounced like "hinge" or really, "stone enge" without the "h."  Just pretend you're British and drop that beginning "huh" sound and you'll be speaking Vegas-ease like a PRO!)

I commented on my own blog about YOUR comment, and I am right there with you about the Obama/Clinton debacle.  If those are our choices in the next election, I'm predicting right here and now ANOTHER REPUBLITARD as Commander in Chief.  BLECH!

Well, I look forwrad to reading more of your journal, and I'm sure we'll have lots more to talk about!  

Have a great evening!


talentmatterslv said...

Oh, and PS - RE: the MJ marriage.  Check further in my journal and you're going to find some VERY interesting things...

I'll say no more.  Have fun!  (***Cackles wickedly, rubs hands together in evil anticipation...***)