Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Bowl Games Are Almost Over

Good Morning! It's hump day on a short week. You can handle it! Tonight's the national championship between Ohio and Florida. The media is hyping Ohio, but don't be surprised if Florida wins.

Dolphin Coach Nick Saban took the Alabama coaching job (surprise). He'd be foolish if he didn't.

It's almost over for college football 2006 and now comes college basketball. If Naismith could ever envision this garbage today, he would never have invented it.

The Pictures: Goodbye college football, hello college basketball...........ugh!

This Date In History: 1938; The March of Dimes is founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt. 1959; Alaska is admitted as the 49th State.

Pat Robertson spoke to "God "recently and was told by "God "that there would be a terrorist attack on the United States this year. "God'' did not tell Robertson if the attack would be nuclear (or nuc-ul-lar, according to Georgie Bush), but Robertson said he believed the attack would be nuclear.

 DO NOT DESPAIR:  I spoke with "God" last evening and he assured me not to worry. He said he just enjoyed jerking Robertson's chain!

Birthdays: Bobby Hull,  Canadian Ice Hockey Star (1938)

The Orange Bowl game was excellent last night with Louisville defeating Wake Forest. One obviously blind bad call was the Wake Forest apparent fumble.  After seeing the replays, everyone, commentators included, thought the fumble call would be reversed. The "Mr. Magoo" all stars decided that it was indeed  a fumble.

Question Of The Day:  What shall we do with people like Pat Robertson, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others, who rise to the spotlight like moths to a street lamp after any event that could put their faces in the news?  a) let them do their thing, what the hell, it's America.  b) Lambaste, censor, ridicule and smite them until they quit seeking glory.  c) Send them to Iraq to assist the Iraqis after U.S. troop withdrawal referred to in yesterdays' entry.

That's It For Now! More Later.

Stay Tuned !

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