Friday, January 5, 2007

The Elected Idiots Of The United States Congress !

Today's entry maybe a little nasty,  no,  very nasty , but,  here we go!

Watching the evening news,  Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN) to be exact, I saw and heard the following; There are Congressmen, who have been convicted of crimes, some of whom are in jail and others pending, who are still receiving pensions from the United States Government (i.e. you). What is wrong with this picture? Legislation to discontinue the pension payments was twice voted down in Congress. There is currently a plan to re-introduce the same legislation again this session (I assume, with the thinking that the democratic majority will act favorably on it).

I would like to know the names of the congress persons who voted against this bill. Do you know how your congress representative voted? Are these assholes just making sure they'll get paid a pension also, just in case? If I understood correctly Anderson Cooper is going to find out tonight just who voted against the previous legislation. You can check your phone book (I believe) and find out who your representative is (by zip code) and the address, email and fax number of same. Why don't you ask him/her/it?

The Pictures: I don't remember who sent me this picture (sorry), nor do I remember if it's state or national legislators, but I'm sure the same thing goes on everywhere in politics. It's an optical illusion, but in my warped little mind, it's better than the picture I have of a politician giving his all to the people. Add your own caption.

This Date In History: 1914; Henry Ford establishes a minimum wage of $5.00 per eight hour day in his automobile factory. 1933; Construction begins on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

Here's another pearl for you; Two United States border patrol officers are facing prison time for killing a Mexican drug smuggler crossing the border! The smuggler had the drugs (marijuana, I think) in his possession. The smuggler received immunity for testifying against the two border patrol agents. What in the hell is wrong with the government? Why is this crap allowed?

First of all, we have our own marijuana (currently the highest cash crop in the United States, replacing corn. Corn? You can't smoke corn!). Secondly, you can't just shoot an illegal crossing the border, but you can damn well shoot an armed smuggler, who is resisting arrest and is an honest threat to the safety and security of the people who try to protect our borders. If they don't start doing something about the borders of this nation, you're going to see another catastrophe like 911. Terrorists aren't stupid (?). The easiest way for a terrorist to come into the United States, with God knows what weapon, is the United States/ Mexican border!

Birthdays: Walter "Fritz" Mondale (1928), Chuck Knoll, football player and coach (1932).

Question Of The Day: Scenario;  36 charged with spousal abuse,  7 charged with fraud,  19 convicted for bad checks,  117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted 2 companies,  71 cannot get credit cards due to bad credit,  14 arrested on drug related charges, 8 charged with shop lifting,  84 charged with drunken driving last year,  21 named in current lawsuits.

They Are?:  a) National Basketball Association  b) National Football League  c) Major League Baseball


The same idiots who crank out the mindless and pork laden legislation designed to keep us in line. The same jerks who just voted themselves a $15,000.00 a month pension after serving one (1) term in congress !

How do you like them apples? That's it for today, sports fans.

Stay Tuned !

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