Sunday, January 7, 2007

It's A Lazy Sunday !

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and to be quite frank I haven't done squat! The game between the New England Pat's and the New York Jets just ended.  It was no contest as the Patriots won easily 37-16.  I try to turn off the halftime and post game reports because Shannon Sharpe speaks worse that O. J. Simpson and I really don't understand half the shit he says. (zippity doo dah)

The Seahawks beat the Cowboys yesterday 21-20. It was a good game and the Cowboys should have won, but they fumbled what would have been a "gimmie" field goal and the Seahawks recovered the ball. I felt sorry for the holder. He usually has good hands, but he just blew it.

I am happy, however, that the Cowboys lost because I can't stand Terrell Owens or the "Tuna" (head coach).

The Pictures: The pic describes my total attitude for today. Please notice that the young lad is appropriately covered (unlike Brittany).

This Date In History: 1913; The process to obtain gasoline from crude oil is patented. 1953; United States President Harry S. Truman announces the development of the Hydrogen Bomb. In retrospect, he should have immediately used it wiped out the Middle East.

My Friend, Beverly, emailed me today. I haven't spoken to her in a while. It was nice to hear from her.

Birthdays: Oddly enough, unless today is your birthday, there are no significant birthdays today.

Question Of The Day: Ohio State of Florida?

That is it for today. Sorry about the brevity, but "nuff said"

Stay Tuned !

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