Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Politicians, The "P" Word !

The Senate passed a bill today (87-0 ) addressing the revocation of pension payments to corrupt, crooked and convicted politicians, a subject which I wrote about several days ago.. Randall Duke Cunningham and James Traficante, both of whom are still in prison, are a couple of the names that come to mind. The House was slated to vote on a similar bill today, but after a long debate chose to"study" it instead.  Ostensibly, the bill was not voted on because the Republicans wanted to consider a tougher version and twenty-something representatives are late in returning due to the severe snow storms that are affecting the United States.

The Senate version addresses five felonies, primarily dealing with ethics (i.e. bribery, lying, fraud and the like). Murder is not one of them !  If they are charged with a felony and plea bargain down to misdemeanor, they are not affected by the law.  An amendment was added to the Senate version to make the bill effective immediately.  The original bill would not have taken effect until after the current session ended (just in case, I assume).  The law is not retroactive, thus, current Congress persons who have been convicted of felonies and/or are serving a prison sentence will continue to receive their pensions.

The Pictures: New campaign buttons for politicians

This Date In History: 1907:  Charles Curtis, the first Native American elected to serve in the United States Senate, begins his term. He later resigns to become President Herbert Hoover's Vice President.  1968;  North Korean gun boats seize the crew on the U.S. Navy intelligence ship Pueblo. 1975;  Comedy show Barney Miller premieres on ABC. 1989;  Salvador Dali, Spanish painter and member of the surrealist movement, dies at the age of 84.

 I got some powdered water today, but I don't know what to add to it. Is it weird to put crotchless panties on a butterball turkey? My friend called me from Wyoming to tell me he was attacked by coyotes. It seems they painted a fake tunnel entrance on the side of a mountain and put some Acme bird seed beside the entrance. When he stopped to look at the bird seed, they dropped a piano on him.

Birthdays: Edouard Manet, French painter (1832),  John Kancock, American patriot and Statesman (1737),  Jeanne Moreau, actor (1928)

I'm still looking for the rest of the O.J. Simpson story I heard the other day. In brief, someone was being interviewed and stated that a contract has been found with O.J.'s name on it and that contract is linked to the publisher of his ill-fated book. I'll get back to you.

Question Of The Day:  Have you every gone to bed with a 2 at 10 and awoke the next day at 10 with a 2? Don't rush to judgment, your partner is probably thinking the same thing. What would you do? a) Quietly exit  b) Look for your wallet c) Start drinking again d) Go to Sears and get............. Male; Vasectomy, Female....Lobotomy.

The winner of today's question will receive the new Sears Drinking Kit, which includes bread crumbs to find your way home, a handy six pack of paper bags, and a syringe of penicillin.

That's it for today my little boozers.  More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

Post Script: Late entries, Cryptic and Blatant Hellos, et cetera; I see you're online, my sugarpie....., How's my martini? Stirred, but not shaken...., Possum S. Hemmingway is alive and in his chair...., Where's Hoodrat?...., Roseh, where u b?...., Looks like Rosie Fat Ass is now looking for a fight with Okrah...., Georgie B. is about to mispronounce nuclear 10 times now on National TV. Looks like good fodder for tomorrow ! CYA ! 

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