Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Golden Globe Awards....Winners !

The 2007 Golden Globe Awards were presented last night. I was happy to see Forest Whitaker get the Best Actor award (Drama) for "The Last King Of Scotland" and Merryl Streep won the Best Actress award (Comedy / Musical) for "The Devil Wears Prada". Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy won awards for Best Supporting Actress and Actor, respectively.

Whitaker was so suprised and tongue tied that I thought he would pass out, but his win was regarded as a "shoo-in". Martin Scorsese won Best Director for "The Departed" and Clint Eastwood won Best Director in the foreign language film category.

The Pictures: It took a while before these pictures were released, but here they are! Helen Mirren, The cast of "Dream Girls" and a little known starlet who is way a head go her time (pun intended).

This Date In History: 1547;  Ivan The Terrible is crowned the royal Tsar of Russia. 1919;  Prohibition, the legal ban on the manufacturing and sale of intoxicating beverages goes into effect. That sucked !  1961;  Mickey Mantle signs for $75,000.00 per year, highest in the American League. 1964;  Carol Channing debuts in "Hello Dolly" on Broadway.

Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro is in serious condition, according to the Spanish newspaper "El Pais". The source reports that Castro has had three failed surgeries on his large intestine for diverticulitis.

On another note, an elderly woman was at her husband's funeral and the funeral director said, "How old was your husband"? The old woman replied, "One year older than me"! The director said, "He was 96 then". The old lady replied, "hardly worth leaving here, isn't it"?

Birthdays: Ethel Merman, Broadway singing star  (1909),  Marilyn Horne, opera singer  (1934),  A.J. Foyt, auto racing champion (1935).

I have been fighting this computer all day to get it to run correctly. I pulled the cover off and the rats have plenty of food, the wheel doesn't need oil and all the D cell batteries are ok. It might be a little older than I thought.

Question Of The Day: Who was most deserving of their Golden Globe Award?  a) Helen Mirren b) Eddie Murphy c) George W. Bush d) Billie Clinton

The answer to todays question is : Billie Clinton, far and away the head of the class.

That's it for today my little Golden Globe winners. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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