Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Have No Idea !

It's Sunday morning and I can't seem to get my brain past breakfast. If today's entry's not real interesting, I apologize. I am hopeful than between now and my self-appointed deadline of 2:00 p.m. EST, I will come up with something clever and witty. In the interim, I'll put a few thoughts into words:

Former United States George Smathers (Florida) died today yesterday at the age of 93. Actor, comedian Ron Carey also died yesterday .

I've been listening to a girl singer by the name of Regina Specter (I'm not sure of the spelling), mostly due to the fact that I heard a song that was so bad I had to look at the name. This morning, on CBS ( a show that I watch almost every Sunday, and whose name Old Timer's Disease prevents me from telling you), there was a segment about Ms. Specter. She was born in Russia and grew up in the Bronx and has, as it turns out, much more ability than her current video portrays. It was a fascinating tale and I think I'll follow her career for a while.

The Pictures: I just got twenty of these photos from my friend, Beverly. I'll share more with you soon, maybe even today if my mind can get up to speed. No, I wasn't out last night although I seriously considered it.

This Date In History: 1793;  Louis XVI is executed by guillotine for treason 1924;  Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin dies at the age of 54. 1966;  Beatle George Harrison and Patricia Ann Boyd marry after meeting on the set of "A Hard Day's Night".

Birthdays:  Jack Nicklaus (1940),  Placido Domingo (1941), Christian Dior (1905),  Ethan Allen, patriot of the American Revolution (1738),  Geena Davis (1957).

Question Of The Day: Will Jimmy make this entry better today? a) I doubt it  b) Probably C) Isn't he already up to speed? d) Who cares?

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated!  Take the time do go to the bottom of the entry and under "add you own", add your own.

That's it for today my absolutely perfect, sexy (you know who you are), intelligent and wonderful readers (please vote b above). More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

Post Script: (NEW) It dawned on me this evening that I can make later entries. So I will. This particular entry will always contain late thoughts, cryptic and blatant hellos, and anything else that comes to my feeble mind. Think of it as sort of the magazine that you take to the bathroom with you and the moment you assume (pun intended) the position, the doorbell or the telephone rings. Thanks to HR1000, Bev, Carrie and the Colts/Pats Championship for inspiring today's entry(s). Hello also to my daily Perfect Martini !  (You know who you are !) I'll probably omit someone everyday I'm sure, but you know I love you !

Have you noticed that a penalty flagged defensive back and a liquor store robber always end up in the same physical position? Hands in the air and denying the call

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hoodrat1000 said...

Regina Specter, are you talking about her song 'Fidelity'? Seen her on that horrible MTV. I think her accent is so pretty :D and cheese. I just realised how funny and random your tags are.