Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Bowl Bound !

The Super Bowl looms ! Two solid weeks of media, media, media. Combine that with a whole bunch of shit talking as we prepare the stage for the Super Bowl.

The Chicago-New Orleans game was a romp. That game was over almost before it began. I kinda rooted for New Orleans for obvious reasons, but I knew Chicago would win. Bears 39 Saints 14.

The Indianapolis-New England game was fantastic! It came down to who would score last although I think that Indianapolis played the better game. All in all it was interesting to watch. Colts 38 Patriots 34.

The Pictures: (1)  I like this one !  (2-3-4) "You Might Be A Redneck if..........(5)  Oh Shit !  (6) - I painted this in the a.m. hours using the computer. First time I tried it, although I have painted about sixty oil paintings. Not Bad !

This Date In History: 1666;  Shah Jahan, Emperor of India who built the Taj Majal dies in Agra, India.  1968;  Rowan and Martin's Laugh In premieres on NBC.  1973;  Roe v Wade. The United States Supreme Court rules women have the constitutional right to an abortion during the first six month's of pregnancy.  1973;  President Lyndon Baines Johnson dies at age 64.

I started a new area of commentary yesterday to be referred to in the future as Post Script.  The main reason is that things come into my head later in the day and rather than roll them over to the next day (and usually forget them), I'll just do a P.S.  I am also going to use it for cryptic and blatant hellos to all my friends and readers, along with my usual ramblings. Please take a look at yesterday's entry and see what you think. Your remarks and comments are welcomed and appreciated !

Birthdays: Lord Byron, English poet (1890),  Sam Cooke, singer and song writer (1931),  Linda Blair, actress in Oscar winning Movie "The Exorcist" (1959)

Question Of The Day: (awaiting entry)

Post Script:  Late entries, cryptic and blatant hellos, et cetera;  RoseH, did you convey my message to Al on his birthday? Avelino, I hope you liked my email yesterday! Brunette gal, sorry I didn't get back to you the other day, but expect an email today. Tboop, I can't figure out how to pick up your message at my space. I know it's there, I just can't retrieve it. Llamame ! There's always time for the Perfect Martini !

That's it for today my little tight ends.  More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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