Monday, January 8, 2007

Rosie Vs The Trumpster - Part IV

Round #4:  Well, Rosie is back from "vacation" and comes out of her corner with a vicious 1-2 to the Donald.  Rosie, well rested and obviously well fed, said that The Trumpster is "obsessed with me" and  is a "comb over bunny".  She also said that her "weight problem" was obvious and was a low blow. Fortunately for The Trumpster, his low blow was blocked from the referee's vision by Rosie's fat ass and no foul was called.

 If you recall, in round #3, The Trumpster delivered several good shots at Rosie, calling her a "loser", "fat" and "low morals." I gave the first round to Rosie, (10-9) by virtue of her "comb over" remark and her own "how can he be a judge of moral character" shots.  I gave the second round to The Trumpster  (10-9) and I also gave the third round to The Trumpster (10-9). So after three rounds, I have the fight scored 29-28, Donald Trump.

This fourth round is looking good for Rosie because the Trumpster has yet to respond. We'll see! My unofficial scorecard will be updated at the end of the round and reflected in tomorrow's entry.

The Pictures: Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump, two people, who by themselves, are arrogant, obnoxious, and bottom feeders. As a duo, they become amusing, because everyone likes to see two assholes beat up on each other. Sort of like the Iran and Iraq war.

Elvis Presley, The undisputed king of rock and roll, has his birthday today. He will not be attending the party as he is dead!

This Date In History: 1815: The Battle of New Orleans was fought, which prompted Johhny Horton to record "The Battle of New Orleans". Mayor Ray Nagin served "Chocolate" to all the members of the band.

Hello "Sweets", hope you're reading the journal today. It's you fault I got started so late today. XOXOX

Birthdays: Elvis Presley (1935),  David Bowie (1947)

Questions Of The Day:  Who will win the college championship tonight? a)Florida b) Ohio State .  Who will win the media fight: a) Rosie fat ass  or b)Donald "Comb Over" Trump.  Enter your predictions under add your own comments. The winner gets to pay for an all expense trip to the Opa Locka  "Ali Baba" parade to be held this year.
That's the deal, Neil. More tomorrow.
Stay Tuned !

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