Saturday, December 23, 2006

Who's That Lady ?

It's Saturday and all is well! Friday night was enjoyable, especially since my friend Carrie came by to see me. She sent me some pictures of some my other lady friends that I see occasionally and I will share a few of them with you today.

It's my brother Kirt's birthday today. Happy Birthday Bro!

The Pictures: My brother, Kirt. The second  one is my cutie pie, Carrie. The next few, courtesy of Carrie,  are some of the girls I enjoy dancing with. You might know a few of them.

This Date In History: 1783; Army Commander-In-Chief, George Washington retires. 1953; I shot my brother, Kirt, in the ass with a BB rifle. In turn, my father, gave me an attitude adjustment (You have to know the Hank Williams Jr song to really understand)

Carmen had her birthday party at Krystel's last night. She looked great. It was also nice to see Roberto and family (Ivan's father). I ran into Willie and Jorge also, good to see them both. Among the missing: Alfonso and Lydia, Barbie, Lincoln, Doc Talan, Nikki and J.C., all of whom, are going on report.

Birthdays: Kirt Sullivan, Paul Hornung, American football player.

That's it for now. See you Sunday. Your comments and remarks are welcomed.

Stay Tuned !

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jtbeanster said...

Well I see that my brother Jim is up to his old tricks again!  He told me he broke up with Jaime and Billie.  Now who is he two timing with???  Oh well!  I had better try to get him settled down.  Sure wish I could tell on him to mom and dad!