Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Like Saturdays

Saturdays are good, especially after Fridays! I performed at Kryst Restaurant and Nightclub last night. I sang a few numbers and then slipped out to Avelino Vega's Christmas Party at Don Shula's ( Which was hot). Avelino owns many cell phone stores and is a pleasure to be around. All his employees are super nice and he's a man that you can count on. You can contact Avelino at 305-621-1300. He's up on 57th avenue (Red Road) near the Palmetto Expressway. I'll get you the address later.

I went back to Krystel's and an hour later, Avelino ("Vegita") Vegaa brought his party over to our party. We had a good time!

The Pictures: It's me ! Singing a few tunes at Krystels. The third one is "Vegita".

This Date In History: I was having soup in a restaurant in Miami. I called the waiter over and asked, " Waiter, taste my soup".  He replied, "Oh no sir, I wouldn't think of it". I said, No, it's ok, we're friends, taste it". He pleaded, "No, Jimmy, you go ahead and enjoy it" I said, "Taste it, I insist!".  He said, " OK, just a sip. Where's the spoon?" " AHA !, I replied.

That's it for now. Talk to you again soon.

Stay Tuned !



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