Monday, December 18, 2006

Blah! It's Monday!

It's inevitable, Monday always comes! We need to designate a special Monday once a month who gets to change places with any other day it wishes (except Sunday). So, Monday could be Friday (i.e. payday, happy hour and even get the special title T.G.I.M.)

They found one of the climbers on Mount Hood deceased. I do and have done some crazy things but climbing and sky diving will never be one of them. My condolences to the affected families.

The Pictures: The first picture is how I feel and the second one is what I should be doing.

This Date In History: (awaiting entry)

Birthdays: Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), Ty Cobb (I never met a man I didn't spike)

The Dolphins lost again! Worst game I've seen in a while. In Basketball, the brothers comitted assault and battery again. The fines are 15 games ($800,000.00, more or less).  I Love it !

I can't wait until February when the speed weeks begin. There's absolutely nothing (after football) on TV until then unless you like figure skating and bowling.

That's it for now.

Stay Tuned !

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pshemmingway said...

You da Man, Dad! Doin a good job. By the way I can take those twi big cats in the tree, no problem. You should show more pictures of me.

Your son,
Possum S. Hemmingway