Monday, December 11, 2006

Feelin' Political

Yeah,  I'm feeling political. Why? I have no idea!  Watchin' CNN...Barack Obama or Ala Bama or whatever his name is,  at a "sold out $25.00 a plate dinner"  in New Hampshire.  At this pace, he'll raise well over $37,023.64 for his "I'm not a candidate" presidential aspirations.   Hillary,  Billy's wife, kicking up her program. Long shot, depends on her running mate. Rudy Giuliani for Prez? Won't happen! Too many opinions and positions that are risky.  McCain's got a shot. The GOP polls say Newt's got a chance...and Rudy too! So much for polls.

Speaking of Newt, who the hell named or nicknamed a man after a lizard (SEE: newt, eft, salamander). But then again you have real names: Plaxico or Plexico,  Simian (look that one up),  The twins; Orangelo and Lemongelo (found out later that was orange jello and lemon jello), ad nauseum.

The Pictures: Bill Clinton..just got this one. Democrats are in...let's see what happens. The second one is priceless! Hugo Chavez' town of birth. Que comico!  Speaking of comical,  the tragedy of Katrina usurped by the Feds slow and poor reaction, the people suffering while the thugs and police looted. and now...the TEE SHIRTS!  I have more, not sure if I can show them all. We'll see! Last, but not least, from my friend Beverly, the newest in women's electronics and merchandise. I have more of these too, but I have a lot of lady friends who I fear would cause me bodily harm if I overdo the woman thing. One day at a time (no pun intended).

This Date In History: 1974 - Italy played Poland for the World Cup final. After several bad calls from the referee, the Italian team stalked off the field in protest. Three minutes later, Poland scored!

That's it for right now. I need to edit and add a few more things. Check it later.


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