Friday, December 15, 2006

Here's Carlos Oliva !

Ladies and Gentlemen, my friend, Carlos Oliva. I've known Carlos for several mango seasons and have had the pleasure of an impromptu duet with Carlos at " The Penthouse Cafe". We go back many years including such places as "Don Quixote" and"The Forge" Restaurant.  Since I heard his first album in the seventies , Carlos' music has influenced my music and added inspiration to a lot of my songs. Carlos is currently playing at the new casino at Gulfsteam Park each and every Friday.  From the early days listening to Carlos, Javier,  Eddie Elmer and the rest of the "nephews", Carlos' music continues to expand and capture the imagination of his fans. One of the first Latin artists to incorporate songs in both spanish and english, his stylistic manner is ever pleasing to the ear. You owe it to yourself to catch Carlos in concert every Friday at Club Seranata inside Gulfstream Park. Show times are 11:00 p.m and 1:00 a.m.

The Pictures: These marvelous shots are the epitome of the style and grace of Carlos Oliva!  I urge you to click on the icon and enlarge these photos. There's not much more to say than.......enjoy! I've also added some friends and family including Jonathon, my nephew, who recently passed away. I've linked his site to mine. Please visit it.  My friends Emilio and Melina,  Alfonso and Lydia, and a young Jonathon (Sully) and his brother and sisters

This Date In History: One the first things I learned about raising a baby is that when they soil their diapers, you do not reprimand them by hitting them with a rolled up newspaper.

That's it for the A.M. entry. I'll  probably return later to update today's entry. In the meantime...........

Stay Tuned !


pshemmingway said...

Excellent. I enjoyed immensely!

guajapen said...

Heeeey Jimmy:
I must thank you, double and triple thank you for all the kind words and things you said about my persona. Besides all the promotion included.
You are now and always have been a super guy, simpatico, agradable and always full of life with a good story to tell.
I always enjoy talking with you every time I see you around all these restaurants in Hialeah or Miami Lakes> {Our back yard}
I'm discovering this new "journal thing" which seems to be very cool and a good outlet for "discharging" some thoughts and left over energy.
I'm pressed for time now but I'll get back in over the weekend to chat some more
Thanks again
Un abrazo