Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Comes After Wednesday

It's true ! After an evening of fun comes a morning of confusion..but, I had Fun!  I sang at Krystel's Club last night. Jocko, former member of the group Sha Na Na, was there and we sang a couple of songs. Emilio, Frantz (who emcees the show), and I sang "Wildfire" and "I Like Dreaming".  I also sang Sabor A Mi, to the surprise and delight of Angel and Jorge, who know I sing and that I speak spanish, but did not know I also sing in spanish. Que te pasa, muchachos? It was a fun evening. I missed seeing Alfonso and Lydia.

The Pictures: Here's a pictures of Frantz, Jocko and the group. They're a lot of fun! I've added the next three pictures courtesy of my friend Beverly, titled "When Women Are In Charge".

This Date In History: Women were given the right to vote after years of nagging about the subject (see pictures).

I spoke yesterday about my friend, Latin singing star, Carlos Oliva. He's currently performing every Friday at the club in the new casino at Gulfstream Park. He told me the name but I forgot it. I'm going to enter a link to his website, but for now you can visit his site at . Take a look...all his albums and info are there and it's an enjoyable journey.

That's it for now. Tomorrow I'll have more on Carlos Oliva!


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