Sunday, December 24, 2006

Al Fin...Noche Buena ! This Will be Gooood !

Roasted pork, black beans and rice, platanos and an ice cold BUD ! Good friends and family, laughing, joking and singing. Cuentos y mas, posiblemente una mesa de dominos (siempre pierdo!), las damas lindas...que bueno. Noche Buena, I never miss going to see my family and friends this night.

The Pictures: It is necessary to remember that there are larger footprints to follow, and people to remember and think about.

This Date In History: 1906; The first radio program is broadcast. Women take the cue and carry on broadcasting on their own. The good thing about the radio is that you can always unplug it.

The Dolphins play tomorrow. Let's see what happens. We're getting close to the Super Bowl....any predictions?  Enter your prediction under "add comments". You don't win anything, I'm just trying to get enough input to make a smart bet.

Birthdays: 1809; Kit (Crhristopher) Carson...1922; Actress Ava Gardner

That's it for today. Have a safe and Happy Holiday! Merry Christmas!

Stay Tuned !

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starieyed941 said...

Merry Christmas Jimmy !!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the thoughts and picture of Jonathan.