Friday, December 22, 2006

Viernes Social ! Thank God For Happy Hour !

Thank God It's Friday! Everyone's just about finished preparing for Christmas and I'm certain Happy Hour at Krystels Restaurant and Nightclub will be filled with a lot of tired, thirsty people. Emilio, Melina, Brenda, Guillermo and all the rest of the staff will be there to serve you. I'll be looking for you and  please note that today there will be no docter's excuses or tardy notes accepted!

This Rosie and the Trumpster deal is getting good. It'as funny to listen to a big mouth macho putting down another big mouth macho (pun intended!).

The Pictures: The first one's obvious. That's me singing at Krystel's. Frantz took the digital picture Wednesday at Karaoke Night and emailed it to me. The second one is my friend, Carmen. It's her birthady!  The third one is cute. It's a good reminder that 'tis the season for family! The fourth one ws emailed to me by a reader. I don't know how the little mouse got in, but he had to be rescued. The last one's a big hug for everyone!

This Date In History: 1894; The first voice synthesizer known as "P.T.Barnum's Euphonium" was demonstrated to the public. I have a buddy of mine that was arrested for demonstrating to the public.

Sunday Night is "Noche buena".  I can't wait for that! Lots of pork, yuca, and black beans and rice, not to mentioned a few choice beverages. Should be fun. Estoy listo. llamame!

Birthdays: My beautiful friend, Carmen Perez and Cornelius "Connie Mack" McGillicuddy, American baseball player. Wasn't Lucy's maiden name McGillicuddy and Desi could never pronounce it?

That's it, players. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe weekend!

Stay Tuned !

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jimsulliv3 said...

Evidently, I'm a majority of one, so I'll say you go girl....I can't say that, even in jest, way to go Bro!