Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sadam Hussein Is Dead !

Sadam Hussein, 69 years old,  was executed yesterday at 10: 05 p.m. eastern standard time. Hussein refused the execution hood and went to the gallows holding a copy of the Koran. CNN aired the execution up until the last moments of the execution, freezing the pictures on a feed from Iraqi television to exclude the actual moment of execution.

The Pictures: The Ace of Spades, Sadam Hussein hanged in Iraq for the murder of 146 men and boys after a foiled assassination attempt. Picture two; a stern Sadam Hussein during his trial for murder

This Date In History: 1853; United States Minister to Mexico, James Gadsden and Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana sign the Gadsden Purchase agreement in Mexico City. In a separate, secret agreement, the United States agreed to leave large, gaping holes along the border between the two countries to facilitate the entire Mexican population to cross the border into the United States.

There are two days left on 2006. The last three days have seen the deaths of James Brown, President Gerald Ford and Sadam Hussein. Let's hope that the remaining two days have sunshine instead of darkness and let's slip quietly and safely into a prosperous 2007 !

Birthdays: Rudyard Kipling, English writer and Nobel laureate (1869)

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