Saturday, December 9, 2006

Friday Night Was Good!

Krystel's was happening Friday. Marc and Rosie were there, along with Jorge, Brenda, Guillermo ("Guille"),  Brenda,  Pepe, Rhodie, Melina, Emilio, Robert, Zoila and of course, the star "Krystel". Some of the group didn't make it and just so you know, the no-shows are going on report.

The Pictures: Well,  first of all you have to see the Krystel's sign, so you know where to go in. We put the sign because some of our group get lost real easy. The second picture is Guillermo, who is the man to know at the bar and third, Yeah, it's me, a few years back singing at different club. I just put it in for self entertainment.

This date in History: Hector was still looking for Luis, who left the club Wednesday after visting a newly renovated club known as T.I.'s

Got some new pic's from Laury, Tania and my sis, Jeanne. Some I can show you in the future and some have to be edited to see if I can put them here.

Carmen, we miss seeing you! Call me! Barbie, don't make me go to your office. You better call or email me.

That's it for now. Maybe more later.


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