Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's Karaoke Night !

It's Karaoke Night at Krystel's Club. Come on over! It's located at 7357 Faiway Drive In the Cypress Village Shopping Center, in Miami Lakes. I'm going to ask Jenny to help me convince Jorge to sing. Drinks are Two for One ($7.00) from 4:00 to 7:00. Can't beat that with a stick, PLUS, you get to see me! I make a lot of money tonight because the people pay me not to sing. (But, I do anyway)

My friend, Frantz, who emcees the Karaoke show, is emailing me some picture he's collected during the shows and I'll post them. More on that later.

The Pictures: My nieces, Ashley and Sommer. OFF LIMITS, GENTLEMEN !

This Date In History:  1974 - I met am older woman in a club where I was performing. Agter the show, she invited me to her apartment and after a few drinks, I asked her to slip into something more confortable. She slipped into a coma!

Spoke to my friend, Carlos Oliva (Los Sobrinos de Juez, The Judges Nephews)  last evening. I will have more for you on Carlos, including links to his website, later.

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