Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - The Saga Continues !

The story continues as new allegations and accusations arise. Several judges, including Judge Larry Seidlin have made various rulings as to the disposition of the body of Anna Nicole Smith. Seidlin, who speaks English at the level of a seventh grader from the New York Bowery, maintained that the body would be fine in cold storage and another judge has ruled in contrary. The current number of declared candidates as baby Dannielynn's father remains at five assholes. In the interim, the Bahamian police have finally decided to investigate the alleged robbery of Smith's residence. Way to be on the ball, guys. Several candidates continue to fight over the remains of Ms. Smith.

Rudy Giuliani confirmed his candidacy for president on the Larry King show last night (no shit!). The surprise is that he's leading McCain in the polls. I believe he's got too much baggage and won't win the Republican nomination. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads Alabama by 19 points.

The Pictures: Duck! No, I mean it, Look Out!

This Date In History: 1898;  The battleship Maine explodes in Havana harbor, Cuba and Spain is suspected. Two month's later, the United States declares war on Spain beginning the Spanish-American War. 1950; Walt Disney's animated motion picture, Cinderella, is released.

Birthdays: Happy Birthday to my ex-wife Susie! (19XX), Susan B. Anthony (1820), Louis XV, King of France (1710).

The overuse of Internet terms like LOL (laughing out loud) and LMAO (laughing my ass off) have prompted me to add a few more so that these two oldie goldies don't become trite. LAISMP (laughing and I shit my pants), IGTM (I've got the munchies), KMA (kiss my ass), LCF (laughing, coughing, farting). Others you can use so that you confound everyone; AFL-CIO, NBA, HUMP (this means nothing, it just makes me laugh), AT&T, BLT (hold the onions)and my favorite, TOWAMFN (thereoncewasamanfromnantuckett).

Do you have any to add? By all means, help me out. Add your own by clicking "add your own" below. You can GMM (give me more) or just add your comments. Either is appreciated!

That's it for today my little ducklings. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned!

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jimsulliv3 said...

See? It's simple, just AYO (add your own). Hello to my perfect martini, csr, BevO, Rosa, SusieQ, Nikkilegs, Rosehart, Carpen, Kristen, sekzprincess, starieyed, sugarpie, roestef, cristina, esther, Patricia, Tania, Barby, Brenda and all of my friends doing time at San Quentin. Hope your paroles are going well.