Friday, February 23, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - Here Come "Da Judge" !

"I'm Done" (Duh!). Judge Larry Seidlin, the clown prince of jurisprudence, made his decision, ruling that the disposition of the body of Anna Nicole Smith should be entrusted to her daughter, Danielynn, via the ad litem guardianship of court appointed attorney Richard Milstein. After three days of melodrama featuring Court TV wannabe Judge Larry Seidlin, low life Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and (mother) Virgie Arthur, a decision was finally rendered on a matter that could have been resolved in 24 hours via DNA testing of Danielynn and the wannabe fathers.

Judge Seidlin, in a dramatic fashion that should not have surprised anyone, tearfully (?) passed the ball to his self-appointed guardian ad litem of Danielynn, attorney Richard Milstein. Mr. Milstein, who has personally represented me in real estate matters in the past, was probably the only bastion of integrity in the court room. His decision was to bury Ms. Smith in the Bahamas.

'Da Judge', who's court room antics oddly paralleled Judge Lance Ito's judgemanship in the now infamous O.J.Simpson murder trial (don't get me started), eloquently stated,"I want huhr buried wid huhr son in da Bahamas". His suave way with the English language forced me to retreat to my dictionary to redefine some of the words I have either heard or used during this ordeal, to wit;

Dignity: (noun) The quality (or lack thereof) of being worthy, honored or esteemed.

Pontificate: (intransitive verb) To speak or express opinions in a pompous (see picture #2) or dogmatic way.

Asshole: (see picture #2).

Debra Opri, attorney for Larry Birkhead, continues her move to enforce the California Court ruling that a sampling of baby Danielynn's DNA should be taken and subsequent DNA taken from the wannabe fathers in order to resolve the question of paternity. Florida and Bahamian courts are expected to acquiesce.

Virgie Arthur's attorney has asked for an emergency appeal to today's ruling and the appeal is expected to be dismissed.  

The Pictures: 1) The video of Ms. Smith's interview is shown in court 2) "Da Judge", Larry Seidlin 3) Richard Milstein, court appointed Guardian Ad Litem for baby Danielynn 4) Howard K. Stern 5) Larry Birkhead 6) Virgie Arthur 7) Stern and Birkhead rally together momentarily to show approval of the court's decision.

This Date In History: 1870; Mississippi is re-admitted into the Union. 1934; Casey Stengel becomes manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. 1945; Walt Disney's animated motion picture, Pinocchio, is released.

On a happier note, it's Friday kids! Happy hour, Krystel's Restaurant and Nightclub. Stop by and see me! Happy hour 4:00 to 7:00, drinks two for one (What? You want a personal invitation? OK, Lourdes, you said you were coming. Bring my girlfriend, Cristine. You've got it, Toyota!).   

Birthdays: George Handel, composer (1883)

Green is normally the color I use of a little bit of humor, but today... It's Howdy Doody Time! I'm ready (really!) for my perfect martini ! Hello Cristine, CSR, miss you! YouLookMarvelousRosehart, Jenny, you said you were going to email me! As always, my buddy San Antonio Rose, SusieQwherareyou?, Chin Martinez,R.I.P, myniecesandnephews, JeannieJeanetteandKevin, Carpen, are you coming tonight? Clarabell,

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