Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - Court Battle For The Body !

The court proceedings to determine custody of the body of Anna Nicole Smith is in progress as I make this entry. Nothing of major consequence has transpired other than the fact that Judge Larry Seidlin has ruled that he will admit the document, referred to as Ms. Smith's will, into the proceedings. The Medical Examiner telephoned to say that Ms. Smith's body is deteriorating faster than expected. He added that viewing and burial should take place this week. Here are the players (and my remarks):

Judge Larry Seidlin: He seems intelligent, although he seems to think out loud. His speech brings to mind "The Bowery Boys" movies of old, i.e "Who's da fadda?", "Get to da pernt", Da bruddah (sic). I'm reserving my opinion on his intellect as I listen to his rants, ad nauseum.

Howard K. Stern: As of yet his testimony has been low key with most of the prompts initiated by his attorney answered in a rehearsed manner.

Larry Birkhead: Represented by attorneys Debra Opri and Rowan Kelly.

Virgie Arthur: Estranged mother of Ms. Smith. She is represented by Texas attorney, John O'Quinn, who has been referred to as "Texas" by the eloquent Judge Seidlin. 

Richard Milstein: Court appointed attorney and guardian ad litem for baby Danielynn. Mr. Milstein is an excellent attorney and has represented me in real estate matters before.

CNN Legal Commentator B.J. Bernstein is incredulous that Judge Seidlin constantly interrupts counsel and frequently asks questions on their behalf.

CNN's coverage will continue all day. As it stands now, it looks as if the proceedings will continue for the next few days. I'll try and keep you up to date.     

The Pictures: Anna Nicole Smith, baby Danielynn and Howard K. Stern, now referred to as companion (instead of alleged husband) and claimant as father of Danielynn.

This Date In History: 1872; The New York City Metropolitan Museum of Arts opens its door to the public. 1915; The Worlds Fair opens in San Francisco. 1962; John Glenn becomes the first American astronaut to orbit earth. 1963; Willie Mays signs a one year, $100,000 contract with the San Francisco Giants.

Birthdays: Ansel Adams, photographer (1902), Robert Altman, director (1925).

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