Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2,000 and Growing Stronger !

We hit the 2,000 reader mark today! This Journal began December 5, 2006 and has grown to 2,000 readers in less than three months (although roughly 1,500 of the entries were probably generated by me editing my constant errors). Thank you very much for reading my journal and I hope you continue.

Leutenant Colonel Bruce "Snake" Crandall was awarded the Medal of Honor yesterday by President George Bush in White House Ceremonies. On February 14, 1965, Crandall, then a Major assigned to the 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion, landed in the Ya Drang Valley at landing zone X-Ray. His unit took immediate fire from a massive attack by RVN soldiers. Instructed by the ground commander to abort his mission, Crandall remained until four wounded United States soldiers were loaded in to his helicopter and then evacuated the area. He flew the wounded to his home base and after Captain Ed Freeman and others volunteered to accompany him, returned 14 times to LZ X-Ray and evacuated a total of 70 wounded soldiers. When advised in 2001 that Captain Ed Freeman and he were both in line as Medal of Honor recipients, he withdrew his name to insure that Captain Freeman would receive the honor. I'm proud to recognize Lt. Colonel Bruce "Snake" Crandall for his service to the United States and to his fellow soldiers.

The Pictures: Medal Of Honor recipient Lieutenant Colonel Bruce "Snake" Crandall.

This Date In History: 1594;  Henry IV is crowned king of France in Chartres. 1974; The first issue of People magazine hits the news stands.

Birthdays: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet (1807), Elizabeth Taylor, actress (1932).

Should They? :

Have special flights provided immediately for people who complain that their flights were canceled due to severe weather and further provide ambulances to take their complaining asses to the hospital after the crash?

Put pictures of missing transvestites on cartons of Half and Half?

Procrastinate Now! Don't put it off!  

That's it for today my little soldiers. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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