Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Hearing - Day 3 !

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jimmys-Journal jury, court is now in session, Judge Jimmy presiding. As I told you yesterday, I am making this entry early in the a.m. because I need to make certain entries timely and digest yesterday's proceedings. Granted, it's a little later than I wanted to make this entry, but then again, a guy's gotta go to Krystel's Restaurant and Nightclub on Wednesday for a little Karaoke and get the bar consensus.

To Date: (you may have to read the previous two entries to get up to speed)

1. Both Virgie and Stern made conflicting statements as to the question of receiving payments from media or the like. Splash and Entertainment Tonight (Virgie and Stern, respectively) provided either air fare or money for same for their trips to the Bahamas.

2. Stern stated that he has no income (other than loans from his parents) and that Ms. Smith paid his rent and all his expenses. He further stated, when pressed by "da judge", that he would forego any possible future income via executor of the estate for Ms. Smith or legal guardian for Danielynn.When asked about his future income, "da judge" asked about his possible fee in the current 100 million case over Ms. Smith's late husband's estate. It was established that Stern stands to make six million dollars in the suit. He has had no income since 2002!

3. Stern was asked about the drugs Ms. Smith was taking. It was established that Ms. Smith was taking methedone during her pregnancy with Danielynn. When asked about her state of awareness while making decisions, i.e, the will or the burial plots in the Bahamas, Stern was reluctant to respond and gave no clear answer.

4. Larry Birkhead, far and away the most credible of the witnesses (by consensus), stated that Mr. Stern could not possibly be the father citing that at the probable time of conception, he was living with Ms. Smith. He  further asserted that Ms. Smith had a miscarriage with him prior to her pregnancy with Danielynn.

Update: I will attempt to update this entry as soon as something concrete comes to pass. 

The Pictures: 1) Anna and son, Daniel 2) Howard K. Stern 3) Larry Birkhead 4) Larry "da judge" Seidlin 5) Virgie Arthur  6) The saddest picture of all!

This Date In History: 1512; Amerigo Vespucci, Italian explorer after whom North and South America are named, dies in Seville, Spain, at the age of 57. 1819; Spain cedes Florida to the United States. 1879; F.W. Woolworth opens the first five and dime store in Utica, New York. 1959; Lee Petty wins the Inaugural Daytona 500.

Birthdays: Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet (1892), Charles VII, King of France (1403), Edward Kennedy, senator (1932), Julius Erving, "Dr. J" (1950).

That's it for today my little jurors. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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