Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - It Just Gets More Bizarre !

Watching today's news, it just becomes more unreal. Local channel 7 (FOX news) reported today that Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Danielynn, was with her alleged father, Howard K. Stern, in the Nassau, Bahamas "mansion" ( I assume they've never seen pictures of Beverly Hills because I saw the photos of the Bahamas residence and "it ain't no mansion"). Information FOX obtained from show pictures of the refrigerator in the residence containing methedone, Slim Fast (her sponsor was Trim Spa) and injectible prescription medicine. They also reported that a "witness" saw Mr. Stern inject Anna's son, Daniel, with methedone and dispose of the rest.

The Pictures: self explanatory

This Date In History: 1990; Nelson Mandela is freed after being sentenced to life imprisonment for sabotage and treason. 1993; Janet Reno is appointed as United States Attorney General by President Bill Clinton, making her the first woman U.S. Attorney General.

You may have noticed that I have two entries today. I'm an avid fan of Nascar and I'll be following and commenting on Daytona Speed Weeks for the next week. If you don't follow Nascar racing, try it, you' ll like it (Mikie does). If not not, just skip it and go to the regular entry which will come first every day.

Birthdays: Burt Reynolds (1936)

In Case You Missed It: If you missed Saturday's entry or you read it early, check it again. I embedded a video of Rosie Fat Ass's rant about Anna Nicole Smith prior to Ms. Smith's untimely demise. The video was subsequently removed by either You Tube or the user. I found another copy, however, and you can see both the removed copy and the replacement, in full.

The newest thing that struck me funny is that a company called Wizmark (I can't make this up) has  a new urinal deodorant that is being placed in men's restrooms in New Mexico. As one goes about what one usually does at the urinal, the product analyzes the urine and then electronically makes a comment based on the analization. Such statements as "Don't you think you should slow down on your drinks", "I think you have had enough to drink" and "You should call a cab because you do not have the ability to drive home" come from the gizmo.

Fortunately, the device does not have a camera, because I can hear it now; "You're not only drunk, you've also pissed on you new shoes" or "Hey! Shorty! Can you aim a little more to the left, you're pissing on your neighbors pants" (I could do another twenty minutes on this, but my cab's waiting).

The Ladies are envious and want the device installed in their restrooms, too. Although I'm sure it's possible, I've never seen a lady pee in a urinal.

That's it for today my little pee-peeing, go-karts. More Tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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