Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Move Over "Rev Al", Rosie's Back !

Just when I thought things were getting slow, the cockroaches have begun to come out of the woodwork. Yesterday, we had the "Rev Al" with his new "racist" rant of the week. Today, we have (A) Rosie O'Diesel elbowing her way through the garbage to compete with the "Rev".

It seems Ms. O'Diesel was on a "gay theme" cruise and during her monologue one evening, she exhibited a picture of "The View" co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, with devil horns, a moustache and a tail drawn over it. RO'FA went on to say that, "her only f-king credit was 'Survivor'. Come on !" She also renewed her war with Donald Trump, stating that she would "like to break into his apartment and rub her fat belly all over him."

It's nice to know that Rosie is supposedly a big (no pun intended) supporter and champion of children, especially since the picture of her daughter wearing an ammuntion belt draped across her body. Way to go Rosie, you 'da man !

I don't know if you saw this, but some wingnut decided to tie a bunch of helium filled balloons, sit down in the chair and go...aloft. By aloft I mean really high. He drifted around 145 miles before, by the grace of God, he was able to bring the balloon down without injuring himself. I've done a few things in my time that I wish I would have had a "do-over", but putting myself into a lawn chair tied to helium filled ballons was never an option.  

The Pictures: Well, my little shutter bugs, today I have some of the pictures from last week's parties. I have only obtained about one third of them so far. I'll show you the rest when I get 'em. I threw in some other pictures so that  you don't go completely crazy.

This Date In History: 1804; Former U.S. vice president Aaron Burr shoots his political rival Alexander Hamilton, the former treasury secretary, in a duel in Weehauken, N.J. Hamilton dies the next day. 1979; Skylab, the first American space station, reenters Earth's atmosphere after six years in space, disintegrating over the Indian Ocean. 1987; The world population reaches five billion, double the number of people on the planet in 1950.

Birthdays: John Quincey Adams, U.S. president (1767), Yul Brynner, actor (1915).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming: Does Anyone Remember?

Bucky Beaver, Wildroot Cream Oil, Gabby Hayes, Howdy Doody, Inner Sanctum, Amos and Andy, The "Call for Phillip Morris" little guy, Royal Castle Hamburgers, Sky King, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McArthy, The Green Hornet, Your Hit Parade, Trini Lopez, Candy Cigarettes, Jaw Breakers, Little Abner, Daisy Mae and Pappy Yokum........ The Lone Ranger and his horse Silver, his trusted friend Tonto and Tonto's horse, Scout.   

That's it for today, my little doodlebugs. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned ! 


bvaneps834 said...

I remember all those things plus a few more! Barb

bamawmn46 said...

Great pictures, Jimmy! I remember Sky King, The Lone Ranger and Tonto (and their horses, of course), The Green Hornet and Lil' Abner comic strip, and cand cigarettes, and jaw breakers. Not bad, huh?

nhd106 said...

You do make some good points about Rosie...I'm not happy with how she's handling all this....nor of the message she is giving children.  Too bad too...because I think she has way more to offer than she is doing.

And yes, I remember quite a few of those things you listed....Arrrggh!

lanurseprn said...

LMAO on the balloon guy! What an idiot! So does Rosie get your award this week?

midwestvintage said...

I think I saw a movie about a balloon man.  Rosie, wish she would just move away.


ksquester said...

Yep, I remember those EVEN without alcohol or dental drugs!   Does that mean I am OLD?   (hanging head)   Anne