Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm Climbing The Walls !

I'm starting to climb the walls ! Last Friday and Saturday, they ran the Nascar races at Daytona, so my feeble little mind had a pacifier to keep it busy. I attempted to get an AREA 51 group together for Wednesday Happy Hour, but, alas, I was unsuccesful. I will go somewhere Friday night ! I don't know where yet, But I'm escaping !  

So, today I decided to skip cooking breakfast and take a run to McDonalds for a change of pace. It was there that I realized the good part of "Old Timer's Disease". In theory, you park, go inside, pick a numbered picture and make your order. The mornings are the best time to go to McDonalds, because all the lovely little children have not yet come out of their sugar comas and are not running rampant throughout the store.

A lovely young lass said, "Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order? So far, so good. I asked for a numbered picture and added, " Could you make the coffee Decaf?" A panick strickened look came over the young lady, but when she turned towards the coffee area, she espied the familiar coffee pot with the distinct orange band. Instantly, self confidence took over and she said, "Sure".

When she returned with the order, I was prepared, exact change in hand. Having been to McDonalds before, I immediately looked into the bag to make sure everything was there.

The young lady said, "That will be $2.49, Sir" (you know you're old when they call you sir). I looked at my hand and it contained $2.19, the amount on the "picture". I said, "The sign says $2.19" The young lady said, "That's if you get a small coffee, I gave you a medium coffee." My memories of McDonalds began to kick in.

I said, "Young lady, I didn't ask for a specific size, I ordered number X (I don't remember the damned number, ok?), and whatever it comes with, sizes included." She said, "But, I gave you a medium." Now, my McDonald memories have come back completely and I have seen this horror movie before. I said, "Look, sweetie, you can come back with a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken if you like, as long as the breakfast I ordered is in the same bag and the price matches the picture."

As she turned to look for her supervisor (who was around 20 years old), I said, "Here, just take the amount of money that you like." A big smile of relief came over her face and she said, "Thanks, Have a nice day !" (Note to self. Put this in your journal, I'm sure everyone has his or her own horror story).

My Newest Pet Peeve: If I hear one more media person say, "The ruling was 'squashed", I think I'll flip out ! I don't expect everyone to speak the King's English and thankfully, I speak several languages including stupid, young and ebonics. But those media types, who supposedly have a command of the spoken and printed word, along with writers and directors to aid them (not to mention teleprompters), should be able to pick this up. The word is "Quashed", not squashed ! God forbid if you needed to quell the rumors that the ruling over growing squash had been quashed !  

The Pictures: After today's McDonalds adventure, this first pictures that I chose were comical and once I laughed (mostly at myself) a little, I added some pictures from Australia. Authors note: Since my blood pressure and frustration were elevated upon my return from Micky D's, some of the comical pictures are for adults and are not meant for the hard of understanding or those who have had a humour bypass. Anyone under the age of 18, please explain the pictures and terminology to the adults.

One picture really amused me. It's the rear end of a deer that the hunter had mounted and turned the X spot into a doorbell. Shades of the Cat Ass Trophy ! 

This Date In History: 1984; Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first woman on a major party ticket when Democratic nominee Walter Mondale chooses the New York congresswoman to be his running mate. 1990; Boris Yeltsin resigns from the Communist Party. 

BirthdaysHenry David Thoreau, writer and naturalist (1817), Milton Berle, comedian (1908), Bill Cosby, comedian (1934).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

A businessman got on an elevator. When he got in there was a beautiful blonde woman who said, "T-G-I-F." The businessman responded, "S-H-I-T".

She gave the man a puzzled look and repeated, more slowly, "T-G-I-F". He again responded, "S-H-I-T".

The exasperated blonde finally decided to explain, "T-G-I-F means Thank God It's Friday, don't you get it? Duuuhh."

The businessman said, "S-H-I-T' means, "Sorry Honey It's Thursday."

That's it for today, my little french fries. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


bamawmn46 said...

well Jimmy, they better get the new place remodeled and open really soon!!  And stay away from Micky D's until then, ok??  LOLOOLOLOL.... really, it is sad, isn't it? I'm just amazed at times....


bvaneps834 said...

At McDonalds always ask for "senior coffee"----that is if you are a senior!!

ksquester said...

hmmmmm, "special orders do upset us!" I Thoreauly enjoyed this.  Anne

lanurseprn said...

Loved your McD's story. It always gets me how they can ruin an order. I mean, come on, it's NOT that hard of a job! Yanno??
I hope you are able to find a substitute place for Area 51 soon. You'll be going through withdrawals soon!  Let us know how tonight goes...wherever you end up going, ok?
Have fun!!