Friday, July 6, 2007

It's Going To Be A Strange Friday !

I have mixed feelings today. This will be the first Friday in a long time that I'm not preparing to go to Krystel's Restaurant and Nightclub to spend time with my friends. A new owner, a new name and a new day are on the horizon, but in the interim, I'm searching for a temporary site to house our resident aliens of AREA 51. This week, being the July Fourth holiday week holiday, our forces are scattered, so they objective is to come up with a plausible site for next Wednesday and Friday. I'm working on it. If you have any suggestions for a temporary site, you can leave a comment. If you're shy, you can email me at .

In a way, I'm glad I didn't have to choose between going to Krystel's or staying home to watch the Nascar Busch race tonight at Daytona International Speedway. I know I would have gone to Krystel's and watched the race there, but it's not as easy and there's too many (grin) distractions.

We don't have any nominees yet for this week's CAT Award, but there's always some idiot out there just waiting to be discovered.

I saw a photograph of a yoyo and a top the other day and it brought to mind memories of my childhood. The relevancy of which is uncanny because I'm currently going through my third childhood. Being of modest beginnings, we entertained ourselves the best way we could in those times, sandlot baseball and football being paramount.

Most importantly, we had "seasons". I never knew who was in charge of the change of "seasons", I just knew it happened. There was yoyo season, top season, and marble season. Woe be unto the kid who showed up with his top when it was marble season. Very "un-GQ".

I'm sure we would have enjoyed all the electronics of today, but there's just something about learning how to throw a yoyo, spin a top or shoot marbles. Maybe I'll elaborate about these games in a future entry.

Last evening, I noticed that the draw strings of my lounging pajamas were untied and when I started to retie them, I forgot for a brief moment how to tie the bow. In a instant, I visualized my Mom patiently showing how to tie my shoes. I remember trying and trying, but the end result was a knot that couldn't be untied. When I finally accomplished mastering the feat, my Mom made such a fuss, you'd have thought I'd have won the Nobel Prize. I miss my Mom !

Try this ! Try to write down the instructions on how to tie a bow knot. Even better, draw or diagram an illustration. Hah ! Ladies had it even worse. They had to learn how to tie their shoes and put on their training bras. My sister just hooked hers in the front and then moved it around to the back. 

The Pictures: Watch out for the elephants! How do you hide an elephant?

This Date In History: 1649: Pirate William Kidd is arrested and sent to England. He is convicted and is hanged two years later. 1885: French biologist Louis Pasteur uses his newly developed vaccine against rabies to save the life of a young boy, Joseph Meister, who was bitten for by a rabid dog.

Birthdays: John Paul Jones, naval comander (1747), President George W. Bush (1946), Sylvestor Stallone, actor (?) (1946).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:   More Memories Of The Past

Weird Songs and Titles: Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight? Tie Me Kangaroo Down. Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter. A-Hab The A-Rab. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. My Friend The Witch Doctor. Hang On Sloopy Hang On. Alley Oop. The Monster Mash. Louie Louie. Alvin and The Chipmonks. Peanut Butter, Love Potion Number Nine.

Finally, the deep and poetic lyrics; Who put the bomp in the bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp,bomp? Who put the dit in the dit,dit,dit,dit,dit? Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong (...etc..) Who was that man? I'd like to shake his hand! It made my baby fall in love with me.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but I'm glad I wasted a little of mine and I hope you did too!   

That's it for today, my little doodlebugs. If you are staying home tonight and/or tomorrow night, don't miss the the evening televised Nascar Races at Daytona. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


bamawmn46 said...

Dear Jimmy,
Love the pics today, even the one with the guy wearing the Alabama Crimson Tide shirt! (WAR EAGLE! <grin>). A guy friend, who btw, is gay, asked me one time how i managed to get my bra fastened when the hooks are i the back. I replied, 'I guess your mother didn't teach you how to wear a bra!' LOL  

I hope your entourage finds a new water hole during the remodling!! You seriously don't want me to give you ideas about where to go for the meeting of 'Area 51'! Of course, there is a place on the river that would be nice... if you were here!


nhd106 said...

Nice to see this other side of you, was a sweet entry.


bvaneps834 said...

And when ya get real old ya faten your bra and step in and pull it up!!

rdautumnsage said...

I wish kids knew the wonder of learning to play outdoors with actual toys instead of sitting in front of a computer or tv. The days when you checked in at home every once in a while , instead of being an 8 year old with her own cell phone. I just miss kids being kids. Wishing you luck finding a new location dear heart. I loved that song the Monster Mash! (Hugs) Indigo