Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Have A Nominee For The CAT Award !

You know the type ! There's always one in the crowd, who normally doesn't have a life, and in their desire to be somebody or something, they feel the need to ____ it up for the rest of the crowd (fill in your own expletive). Yes, it really is the perfect prototype and definition for the word, Asshole !

I'm referring to the buttplug who has to tell you the ending of the story, the dimwit who has to blurt out the punchline when you're telling a joke, the lowlife who has to tell the answer to a story or a question before you can experience it for yourself. More importantly, the egotist who has to ruin it for everyone to feel any form of self worth. Thankfully, he or she is also the one whose spouse is busy doing the local high school football team while they are obnoxiously spreading their vast wealth of datum (you've got to think about the word "datum" to really appreciate the thought).

Yes, my little gun-toters, I nominate the (A) Leaking Scumbag(s) who have have manage to leak anything relating to the newest Harry Potter book. I haven't really figured out how to name the potential CAT Award winner(s), so if you've got a thought, go for it.

Hopefully, intelligent people won't bother to read or listen to these dirtbags, but you know what happens. You're listening to the news and without a heads-up from the reporter, they tell you the answer or the score before you can put your hands over your ears and shut your eyes.

The Pictures: Some fantasies I ran across in my daily trek arount I-Land. I hope you enjoy them !

This Date In History: 1553; Fifteen year old Lady Jane Grey is deposed after a nine day reign as queen of England. She is executed for treason the following day, 1799; French troops discover the Rosetta Stone, a basalt slab inscribed with three ancient languages that allow researchers over twenty years to translate the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. 

Birthdays: Samuel Colt, gun inventor and manufacturer (1814), Lizzie Borden, accused murderer (1860), George McGovern, politician (1922), Ilie Nastase. tennis player (1946).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming. Jimmy And The Red Truck Man

Ok, you're probably not gonna believe this, but the reason I didn't make my normal entry is because I was kidnapped by Red Truck Man. I slipped out yesterday afternoon for a cocktail with my pals, Hector and Lourdes. We gabbed and caught up on the events of the week and then they left for home. All of a sudden, Red Truck Man entered the bar and forced me to have another scotch.

I protested vehemently but Red Truck Man overpowered me and thus, I was obligated to consume another beverage. After an hour or two, he drove me to garden style apartment building and dumped me right there!

Fortunately, I was able to make it back to my apartment, uninjured. I was, therefore, unable to make a timely entry into my journal. Although you might not be buying this song and dance, I have a picture, which I was able to take while Red Truck Man was busy driving. As you can plainly see, objects in the mirror are obviously closer than they appear !


That's it for today, my little tadpoles. If, by chance, you didn't see Tuesday's entry, please take a look. I think you'll enjoy it !The CAT Award and more tomorrow.

Stay Tuned ! 


ksquester said...

Cat award?  Could I possibly nominate a realative?   I love you Jimmy!  (But I love George more!)    Anne

lanurseprn said...

Wow I know a lot of people like that!! They really DO deserve the CAT award! Especially the one who DID manage to tell me about the last Harry Potter book. Damn!  I'm not sure how SHE knew...but I inadvertantly got the scoop.
Love your pics...especially the waterfall picture. Beautiful!
LOL on Red Truck man..! I am sure he really had to twist your arm!
Have a good night,

rdautumnsage said...

Red Truck man huh??? LOL! k guess I'll have to take your word for it. As for the idiots who get to enjoy a book or movie then ruin it for the rest of us. Hang em! Seriously I hate people who do that. The movie theatre here doesn't cater to the latest technology for deaf, so I have to wait until the movie comes out on DVD. Inevitabley someone is always trying to clue me in before I see the film, it pisses me off royally. (Hugs) Indigo

acoward15 said...

If only we could still cut fifteen year olds heads off!

frameninsurance said...

Hi Jimmy, glad you enjoyed us for some cocktails.  Enjoyed your company like always and catch up on some chit chat.

jtbeanster said...

Hey Jim, missed Wednesday's journal entry.  It was Dad's birthday.  Was hoping you mentioned it, but alas you were mia.  Glad to see you are back at home.  Catch you soon.