Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Podium Al" Sharpton Wins Cat Ass Trophy For The Second Time !

By popular demand, (A) "Podium Al" Sharpton wins the Cat Ass Trophy for the second time. Sharpton, known for his magically appearing podium at any site, at any time and for no apparent reason, won easily over (A) Rosie "The Diesel" O'Donnell. Sharpton failed to appear at the awards banquet at KFC.

(A) Larry "da judge" Seidlin, the moronic, publicity hound, is being investigated by the Florida State's Attorney's office for accusations that he received gifts from attorney Lawrence "Chris" Roberts, who regularly represents clients in Seidlin's courtroom. Roberts told The Miami Herald that Seidlin asked for kickbacks in exchange for appointing him to his cases.

Robert's said that four years ago, Seidlin asked for a $1,000 Louis Vuitton handbag that he wanted to give to his wife as a gift. Roberts said he had his secretary buy the bag at Neiman-Marcus and she returned with the gift wrapped.

In addition, New Times said Seidlin accepted gifts from 81 year old Barbara Kaslin, among them, $35,000 for his daughter's tuition at Pinecrest School, a condo sold at below market price and property in Palm Bay and deeded to Seidlin's wife for $100. Seidlin's disclosure forms from 1996 to 2006 show no gifts from anyone.

The Bulls at Pamplona Score again ! Ya gotta love it. A bull in yesterday's festivities gored two brothers at the same time! Michael and Lawrence Lenahan, two wingnuts who were running with the bulls on the streets made famous by Ernest Hemingway, were taken down by an excellent move by one of the bulls, goring one in the ass and one in the back of the thigh. Neither wound was life threatening and another pair of idiots learned a lesson in life (we hope).

The Pictures: "Podium Al" Sharpton at his finest, accompanied by Rosie O'Diesel, Debra Opri and Larry 'Da judge" Seidlin (be still my heart). Our two idiot bull targets, a little humor and the "usual suspects".

This Date In History: 1881; In Fort Sumner, New Mexico sheriff Pat Garrett shoots and kills outlaw William H. Bonney also known as Billy the Kid. 1965; United States space probe Mariner flies by Mars.

Birthdays: Gerald Ford, U.S. president (1913), Ingmar Bergman, film director (1918).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:  Missing Pet Report

It was announced early this morning that Fanny Mae Williams has reported her five year chihuahua, Yappola, missing. The dog is a faithful companion and always accompanies Ms. Williams. The dog was last seen yesterday sitting with Ms. Williams, who was watching TV on her couch. When Ms. Williams got up to change the channel, the dog was missing and the back door was open. If anyone has seen this dog please let me know.


That's it for today, my little ducklings. More on Monday.

Stay Tuned !


acoward15 said...

The running of the bulls has been famous long before Ernest Hemmingway stuck his nose in.

bamawmn46 said...

Great pics... thank goodness there is a bikini restriction now... I won't have to go buy a new one!  I saw the picture of the brothers getting 'horned'... The bull couldn't have done better if he had planned it!

Pogo Jackie

ksquester said...

You don't know how much you make me laugh...............OUT LOUD........even AFTER a martini.  Maybe our border patrol can check into this one.  I am waiting for Al's album to come out: It's getting hard to be a REV out here, out here! Anne

ksquester said...

Oh, #19 is my favorite......Alice telling Ralph about the shoe-in!   Anne

frankandmary said...

I really can't stand Al.  I have even tried to meditate on it, for real.  How he got out of even the TB made up scenerio years ago mystifies me.  The award for what he does has yet to be formed or founded.  ~ Mary

lanurseprn said...

I cannot imagine what would be so fun about running with the bulls?? I've wondered that for years.  I just don't get it.
LOL on your pics. I laughed at the lost doggie...OMG that is hilarious! And the bikini....UGH!
Hope you have a good night. did your Friday night go? No news on that? Did the Area 51 crowd get together?

jtbeanster said...

I think Al (who does not deserve the title of Reverend)can be the winner of the "CAT" forever without even opening his mouth.  All in favor say I.  As for Rosie,  she should be on the next "unmanned spaceship" get it??, to Pluto.
Jim, I can't wait for Monday to find out where you and Area 51 ended up on Friday evening.  Can you either make your entry today or call me?????  The suspense is killing me!!   lol

fisherkristina said...

Oh my, Sharpton didn't even show up at the awards banquet at KFC?


fisherkristina said...

Putting you on alerts.  You are just, too, well, interesting!