Monday, July 23, 2007

Jonathan Livingston Seagull Charged With Shoplifting!

We have early competition for this week's Cat's Ass Trophy (The CAT Award). Indigo has nominated Michael Vick, who is charged with animal cruelty. Although I believe in the right to a fair trial, I don't believe there's any question as to the fact that people were arrested and cruelly caged and injured dogs, along with a fighting ring were found on Vick's property, thereby qualifying Vick for the nomination. If Indigo had not nominated Vick, I certainly would have !

I am nominating the Maryland Justice System for it's blatantly stupid handling of a rape case. The defendant, who grew up in Guiana, was found not guilty of raping a seven year old child because the courts could not provide him with an interpreter. He attended high school and community college in Maryland, and answered questions from police authorities in English. It's amazing how one suddenly becomes unable to speak English when charged with a felony.

The You Tube debates begin tonight with You Tubers asking questions of the presidential candidates. While I feel that the host, CNN, will glean the questions being asked of the candidates, I'm sure they will know what the questions are in advance and their writers will have deep, yet vague answers already prepared. The mere idea of the likes of Oback Osama, Billary and the rest of these useless wannabees in the spotlight, allows me to maintain my candidate for president as a front runner. Yes, I'm refering to my candidate, Sammy Davis Jr, a dead, one-eyed, black Jewish man, who, in his current condition, could be just as useful for president as the current candidates.

Ladies, you know all those rag magazines that you see at the check out counters? The ones who show all these slim, gorgeous women dressed in their finest and who sometimes make you think how lucky they are? Well, take heart my little movie stars, most of it's done with a tool called air brushing. Yeah ! You don't think these women have moles, flab, bad hair days, weird body parts or fleas? Wrong ! Take a look at something I found today on my trek around I-land.


I, personally, like Faith Hill and just between you and me, I'll take Picture A or Picture B. The fact remains, however, that the picture was obviously worked on in the photoshop and with or without Ms. Hill's permission.

The Pictures: I've got a lot of material today, so I've somewhat slighted this category today. The new pictures I have are best viewed larger, so I'll run them in a larger format tomorrow or Wednesday.

This Date In History: 1952; The Free Officers, a revoultionary group led by Gamel Abdel Nasser, ousts Egypt's King Farouk I, in a coup. Nasser, himself, comes to power two years later.

Birthdays: Sir Richard Rogers, Supreme Court Justice (1936), Pee Wee Reese, baseball player (1918).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:    The Case Of The Seagull Thief

Ya gotta admire the moxie of this little bird, who after watching the ginger people in Scotland's equivalent of a 7-11, learned a new trick:

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That's it for today, my little cheezits. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned ! 


ksquester said...

Your journal has become a "must read" with me. I adore you.  I understand your little snide comments and find you extremely entertaining.  I also like it that you reach people on many differnt levels.  Thanks for all of the comments in my journal. You "get" my little hidden messages.   You ALMOST make me want to visit Florida again. (It's my bad luck state)     Anne

bamawmn46 said...

Jimmy, I loved the video!! What a hoot! As for the CAT award, unless something different comes along this week, either or both should be the lucky winners!

pshemmingway said...

I nominate the federal government for the Cat's Ass Trophy for trying to kick the six and seven toed "Hemingway Cats" off of their family homeland at the Ernest Hemingway House in Key West, Florida !

Being a relative of theirs and having seven toes myself, I think the bigoted, racist, anti-indigenous bastards should spend more time stopping and returning illegal aliens and terrorists from the United States than persecute these wonderful cats because of their color, race and creed !

And where the hell is "Podium Al" Sharpton when you need his big black ass ?

Your Son,


midwestvintage said...

Both of the Cat's ass trophy nominations are perfect.  Both got my blood boiling.  I have done some of that air work on pictures. It amazing what you can fix.


rdautumnsage said...

It's a tye for those two! The world is ugly these days isn't it? Loved the pics. I liked the one with the canned lightning. I think the seagull is one clever awesome bird. Takes a little bit of guts to go in a populated area to do that. (Hugs) Indigo

acoward15 said...

I'm backing your nomination. Once again common sense has gone AWOL!