Monday, April 16, 2007

Remember To Send Your Soul To The Infernal Revenue Service !

Yes, today's the last day, my little procrastinators, to mail your income tax return, without penalties. I recall in 1981 I sent a check for $38,500.00 payable to the "Infernal Revenue Servants" and they cashed it!

I hope eveyone had a nice weekend ! This weekend produced no early front runners for this week's "Cat Ass Trophy" award, but I have confidence that one or two will emerge from the septic tank to make a run for the esteemed award. 

Hawiian Singer Don Ho, famous for his song "Tiny Bubbles" died Saturday of heart failure at the age of 76.

The Pictures: A picture of my perfect martini; it's her birthday! 2) The Eagles cover album, they're the featured artists today 3) Dr. Marc's dog, Chico and my pal, Danny. 4)......oh yeah, the usual suspects.

This Date In History: 1917; Vladimir Lenin returns to Russia after years in exile to lead the radical socialist Bolshevik Party to power during the October Revolution. 1962; Broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite becomes anchor of the CBS News. 1999; Hockey Player Wayne Gretzky announces his retirement from professional hockey.

Here's today's features artists, The Eagles,  performing "Desperado" 


Birthdays: My Perfect Martini, Happy Birthday, my love!  (19XX), My pal and Dr. Marc's son, Tony. Happy B-Day, Bro!  (19XX), Wilbur Wright, aeronautical engineer and pilot  (1867), Charlie Chaplin, actor  (1889), Sir Peter Ustinov, actor, director and writer (1921), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, basketball player (1947).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming! (thanks, Victor)

I got an email from one of my readers: 

Dear Jimmy, My husbands a liar and a cheat. What's worse, everyone knows he cheats on me. Since he lost his job a few years ago, all he does is smoke cigars and bullshit with his buddies. Now, since our daughter went away to college he doesn't even pretend to love me and hints that I am a lesbian, What should I do?   (signed...Clueless)

Dear Clueless, Dump him! You're a grown woman and you don't need him anymore! You're a United States Senator running for President. Act Like One!

That's it for today, my little check writers. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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rdautumnsage said...

As always thanks for the laughter hon!! loved the pics. As for Hilary Clinton does the woman seriously have a common sense hormone in her entire body??? (Hugs) Indigo