Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Message To The Ladies !

Look out, ladies, I'm in one of those moods. I'm just sittin' back, having a scotch and chillin'. Come on in, sit down for a spell. I'll make you a drink and we'll listen to some sounds. You look more exquisite than ever and your perfume is tantalizing. If you'd like, take off your shoes and I'll massage your feet. How's that feel?

Oh, the pictures? Just some pictures of my friend Barry White and his family. Take a look if you like while I prepare your drink.

Did you know that in 1828, Noah Webster, an American Lexicographer published his first edition of the American Dictionary of the English Language? Yes, I use it often to look up new words to describe how beautiful you are..... You know ordinary words just don't seem appropriate in the same sentence with your name. When I'm with you I always feel content, unlike in 1865, when Confederate malcontent, John Wilkes Booth, assinated President Abraham Lincoln this very day.

Sweetheart, you are more beautiful than any actress I've ever seen in the movies. You know British actor Sir John Gielgud, who was born today in 1925, always said real women don't need movies to accentuate their beauty and I agree completely. The sunshine on your face is the only lighting you need. As a matter of fact, Loretta lynn, the beautiful country-music singer was also born today in 1941. I'm happy that you're with me today, my love. You complete me.

Let me turn the lights down and let's listen to Barry.


You know, the hits just keep on coming when you're with me, my love. Come over and sit beside me and let me hold you.

(Stay Tuned !)          


bamawmn46 said...

hhhmmm.... Barry White....  always does it for me!!  LOL...  Thanks, Jimmy!!

jtbeanster said...

Hey Jim.  What cha smokin???  I'll have a blue martini!!!!lol

your sis