Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's Wednesday And I'm Gonna Party !

Well, at least it's Wednesday. That's probably what Howard K. Stern said this morning. Bye Bye, meal ticket. Me? I'm heading to Krystel's and hang with my pals. That's one of the reasons I look forward to Wednesdays. 

Sanjaya's still on American Idol and after hearing excerpts of his song, I must admit, it wasn't bad (It wasn't Sinatra. I know).

The feeding frenzy on Don Imus' ass is still going strong. Although somewhat deserved, he's seeing more people jumping on the "Fire Imus" bandwagon than the same people who jumped off the "Electrocute O.J." bandwagon. Kinda makes you wanna move back to New Orleans, don't it.  

The Pictures: 1) Larry Birkhead and Dr. Baird, who performed the DNA testing on baby Danielynn. 2) Larry Birkhead and Howard Stern. 3) Air Supply, today's featured artists.

This Date In History: 1951; U.S. President Harry S. Truman relieves General Douglas MacArthur from his command during the Korean War. 1970; Apollo 13 blasts off toward the moon; an explosion 2 days later forced astronauts to abort the mission and make a daring return to earth.

Birthdays: Edward Everett, U.S. statesman, educator and orator  (1794), Charles Evans Hughes, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1862).

Here's today's featured artists, Air Supply.



The Hits Just Keep On coming: These jewels come from my pal, Victor. The states are picked at random. what? shut up

A Louisiana man died and left his entire estate in trust for his beloved widow, however, she can't touch it until she's 14. The minimum drinking age in Kentucky has been raised to 32 because they want to keep alcohol out of schools. In Mississippi, reruns of "Hee Haw" are referred to as documentarys. The best thing to come out of New York City is Interstate 95. In Alabama, a trooper stopped a pickup truck and asked the driver, "Got any I,D.? The driver replied, " 'bout what?" Recently, the Governor's mansion in Arkansas burned down. In fact, it took out the the whole damned trailer park. In Detroit, the people now go to movies in groups of 18 or more after being told 17 and under are not permitted. How can you tell if a man from Texas is married? There's dried tobacco spit on both doors of the pickup truck.

That's it for today my little moonshiners. More tomorrow. See you tonight at Krystel's. 

Stay Tuned !  


bamawmn46 said...

Happy Hump Day!!

rdautumnsage said...

All in all I feel for the little girl involved in all the some horrible way it doesn't matter who her father is DNA or not you get the sense it was all about the money. Sure the money will be there to take care of her. What of being nurtured and loved simply for a human being? Have a good hump day hon!! (Hugs)