Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tag ! I'm It ? Well, You Asked For It, You've Got It !

I've been tagged so many times this week that I feel like a sailfish in a tag and release fishing tournament. I was tagged by Beth, Garnett and Julie (plus a little sweetheart in AREA 51, but she was playing a different game). I don't play these type of games normally because I usually don't have any lucid answers, but I'm going to give it my best shot !

As I understand it, the rules are that you answer the questions and then you "tag" five people to continue the game. Since it is a "pyramid" type game, sooner or later there's no one else to tag, so I will forego naming anyone. Suffice to say that almost every journal that I read on a daily basis has been tagged, speared, hooked, gaffed or hoodwinked (hoodwinked? Shut up!).

There are probably some more rules, but I'm just going to answer the questions. Keep in mind that I reserve my Miranda Rights and my answers are tentative until approved by my attorney or Jessica Simpson.

What Were You Doing Ten Years Ago? Right ! If the question pertains to my real estate business, I was running it. Otherwise, since Old Timer's disease runs rampant, I'm going to assume I was up to no good in AREA 51 at either the Penthouse Cafe or Delaney Street Restaurant and Lounge.

What Are The 5 Things On My To-Do List Today ? Assuming you're not referring to anyone on my amorous side, pay some bills, buy two new shirts, call my lovely Rocio to see if we're still on for tomorrow, finish my journal and ease on down, ease on down the road to AREA 51 at Lakes Cafe and Pub. 

Snacks I Enjoy 1) Dark, expensive chocolate 2) Dark chocolate cake with fresh strawberries that have been diced and sugared, then left overnight (ala strawberry shortcake) 3) Potato chips (every kind) 4) Flan 5) Guava shells in heavy syrup (just like peaches or pears) with Philadelphia cream cheese. Did I mention chocolate ?

What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire ? Solve world hunger (It's not the Miss Universe pageant ! Oh yeah,... right !) 1) Resolve all financial problems for my family and friends. 2) Rent the penthouse at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for a month, invite all my family, friends, members of AREA 51, my journalists friends and my ex mother-in-law to come (all expenses paid) and get down and party ! This would be an annual occurrence. Why my ex-mother-in-law ? Someone's got to clean up after all that partying ! Just kidding..., I'd hire someone to help her.

Bad Habits Carousing, flirting, drinking, dancing, smoking, eating anything that I fancy, sleeping late, short tempered.... (I think that'll about cover it ! Ya think ?). 

Five Places I Have Lived Excluding Miami, where I was born and raised, and assuming I can omit the night a lady flew me to Las Vegas fortwo weeks, the following were the compliments of Uncle Sam's fine U.S. Army (1966-71), where I served as a combat medic.

1) Fort Polk Louisiana, the nearest city's name I do not recall. I do know, however, if they ever give the world an enema, that location is where the will insert the tube ! 2) Fort Sam Houston, Texas, located in or near San Antonio. Like Marty Robbins' hit song, "El Paso", I, too, fell in love with a Mexican maiden. but I wasn't killed. Shot at, yes, but not killed.

Jobs I Have Had You have no idea ! I started out as a child. Other jobs in chronological order include, warehouse worker, baker, laborer, carpenter, gambler, soldier, musician, guitar player, keyboard player, singer, insurance salesman, real estate broker and part time lover.

People I Want To Know About: Once again, I assume that you're not referring to my current campaigns in AREA 51. Quite frankly, I enjoy learning more each day about my journal friends and their escapades. I had a good time doing this and I hope I did it right.

Ok, now that that's done, I've got cabin fever and I am definitely ready to head to AREA 51  for the Hump Day festivities.

The Pictures: Faces and places. 

This Date In History: 1865; Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders his troops to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox, Virginia, paving the way for the end of the Civil War. 1959; NASA announces the selection of America's first seven astronauts, chosen to participate in the Mercury program, the Nation's first manned space program. 1968; Slain civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., is buried in Atlanta, Georgia. 1970; Paul McCartney announces the official breakup of the Beatles.

Birthdays: Paul Robeson, singer and actor (1898), Gregory Pincus, biologist (1903), Sir Robert Helpmann, actor and dancer (1909), Jean-Paul Belmondo, French actor (1933).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming: Brother Kirt sent me some sage advice and although he's my younger brother, I found his points to be valid.

Kirt's Facts Of Life - Part I

Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative the same night. Don't worry about what people think. They don't do it very often. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious. For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program. If you look like your passport photo, you probably need the trip. Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks. Eat well, stay fit, die anyway. A balanced diet is a chocolate chip cookie in each hand. No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes. Middle age is when the broadness of the mind and the narrowness of the waist changes places. Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.


That's it for today my little banjo players. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


shrbrisc said...

I love the graphic and I am afraid mine don't even pay for the slap lol

bamawmn46 said...

Happy Hump Day, Jimmy!!

I hear the whine of mowers all over the neighborhood. I hope I can fight the urge to fire up the mower for a whirl over the over grown yard.


lsfp1960 said...

Well my curiousity has been satisified.  I was afraid to tag you for that little number for fear of loosing my honorary membership in Area 51.  So am happy that someone else finally got to you.  Love the HMO cartoon...that's just about the truth. Have fun tonight and remember tomorrow is another work day...Linda in balmy western Washington.

garnett109 said...

jim thanks for your service and your humor

lanurseprn said...

I love the graphic! I'd love to be able to say that to some of the patients I've had LOL! Just kidding...sort of....
Hope you have fun tonight at Area 51. Wish I could be there! Have a cosmo for me.
Pam xoxox

midwestvintage said...

 I loved all your answers.   Do you like chocolate?


luvrte66 said...

Jimmy, thanks for playing along! I'm not much into those things either, but I really enjoy Sheria's journal (she's the one who tagged me), and I couldn't refuse. Fun to read your answers, and let me just say (as a member of Area 51), I'm pullin' for you to become a billionaire, because I'm all about a Vegas penthouse. Oh yeah!

Better go find my pearls...and where's that mink stole??


rdautumnsage said...

Ugh!! If you did, I'm officially out of excuses for doing it...Sigh...I'll do mine sometime this weekend. (Hugs) Indigo