Friday, April 11, 2008

On The Road Again !

Today's plan is to employ alternate Plan B as my guide to today's excursion to AREA 51, ostensibly at Lakes Cafe, but one never knows, do one? The reasoning behind this decision is based on Plan A, which I employed on Wednesday's jaunt, and which created havoc not only to my mental and bodily health, but also forcing me to postpone my intended Thursday evening rendezvous with the lovely Rocio.

Fortunately, she too, had partied the previous evening with friends and thus allowed us to mutually agree to move the engagement to next week.

But fear not my little alley cats, for I will carry the banner forward, representing AREA 51 with honor, for neither rain, nor snow, nor..(that's the post office, dummy! Oh yeah, I forgot).... never mind !

Suspected Murderer Captured In Mexico: Cesar Laurean, the Marine corporal suspected of murdering fellow Marine, Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach and her unborn fetus, was captured last evening and is currently being held for extradition by Mexican authorities.

Laurean has not yet waived extradition and American authorities said they will take all necessary legal steps to extradite him. If convicted, Laurean will not face the death penalty as the terms of extradition from Mexico cite that that option cannot be applied.

The CAT Award: There have been no nominations for the Cat's Ass Trophy thus far. Nominations are open until Mondays at noon.

Random Thought And Musings: You know that you're getting Old Timer's disease when the phone rings and you pick the TV remote control to answer the call.... Paris Hilton was spotted coming out of a trendy Beverly Hills restaurant clutching her chihuahua. She was also carrying a small dog.... In London, they're selling a type of coffee that goes for $100 per cup. What's the attraction? They feed the unground beans to a civet cat and when the beans pass through the cat, they're roasted, ground and brewed. I've heard the term "that's shitty coffee" before, so I assume this one's called "Shitty Kitty Coffee."

The Pictures: It's raining cats and dogs !

This Date In History: 1951; U.S. president Harry S. Truman relives General Douglas MacArthur from his command during the Korean War after the general publicly criticized the administration's war policy. 1970; Apollo blasts off toward the moon; an explosion two days later forces astronauts to abort the mission and make a daring return to Earth. 1979; Idi Amin is overthrown as president of Uganda; during his brutal regime, an estimated 300,000 civilians were killed.

Birthdays: George Canning, British prime minister (1770), Edward Everett, U.S. statesman, educator and orator (1794), Charles Evans Hughes, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1862), Dean Acheson, secretary of state under Harry S. Truman (1893).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

Three Guys In A Sauna

Three men, one German, one Japanese and a Texan were sitting naked in a sauna. Suddenly there was a beeping sound.

The German pressed his forearm and the beep stopped. The others looked at him questioningly. "That was my pager,"he said, "I have a microchip under the skin of my arm."

A few minutes later a phone rang. The Japanese fellow lifted his palm to his ear. When he finished he explained, "That was my mobile phone. I have a microchip in my hand."

The Texan felt decidedly low tech, but not to be undone he decided he had to do something just as impressive. He stepped out of the sauna and went to the bathroom. He returned with a piece of toilet paper hanging from his behind. The others raised their eyebrows and stared at him.

The Texan said, "Well, dang-it, would you look at that, I'm getting a fax."

That's it for today my little jelly beans. Have a great and safe weekend and more on Monday.

Stay Tuned !


garnett109 said...

Cesar laurean does not deserve the cat ass award too much of a scumbag to get that prestigious award. I'll be back with a deserving one.

En Avant

lsfp1960 said...

Once again Jimmy, you've brought me a smile and several chuckles.  Thanks my friend.  Have a marvelous weekend.  Be a good boy and don't give the paper boy a bad time.   And hopefully there is plenty of cat food in the house for "Mr You know Who."   I am looking forward to warm weather here in western Washington.  The weather man is taking 70* ~ hopefully that's not 70* below. Linda in Washington state

garnett109 said...

Nation Wide and Truck Series driver Arron Fike Is my choice for the cat ass award

shrbrisc said...

I would like to nominate adam , sheila and ryan on the big brother tv show ... trust me they deserve it
hooe you have a great weekend

jmorancoyle said...

    Funny story. Heard it before and enjoyed it then, too. So the question is, if I try to change the channel on the TV with the phone, am I suffering from a reverse form of old age disease?

rdautumnsage said...

Loved the 3 guys in a sauna. The scary part is we're not too far off from that technology. You can have a chip now installed under your skin to scan your credit card when you walk into a club that charges door fees. It's a little too scary. (Hugs) Indigo

lanurseprn said...

LOL on the sauna guys.
You're kidding on the coffee, right? Please tell me you aren't serious!?!? Who in their right mind would even drink that....let alone PAY $100???
Hope you have a good day..
Love, Pam xoxox